We have launched Trustindex

elindult a trustindex

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that we have launched Trustindex today!

This decision was preceeded by 10 months of tedious development for which we would like to say special thanks to our determined developer team.

For now we have launched the system in beta, as only the basic functions are available at the moment.
Such basic functions are the handling and tagging of Facebook reviews, and the review displaying widgets that can be insterted into email signatures and websites.

Even with these functions only, a company can seriously improve its online trust index, so feel free to start using the system.

We plan to have the current beta running for approx. 6 months; while the system is in use we will continuously make the new functions available, and fix any smaller bugs that may occur.

More professional functions will be made available for determined Trustindex marketers for an introductory price of 4.990 Ft.

We believe the sytem is a jackpot for this price: we have packed so much value into the monthly PRO package subscription I feel that we give it away almost for free.

We would like to thank all our subscribers and users for their feedbacks, suggestions and help in advance!

For the most loyal and active Trusindexers we will organize online games and challenges to reward all the support and determination with valuable prizes.

If you would like to finally give the system a try, register now and get to work!

If you get stuck anywhere, just ask away using the contact form, we will be quick to respond!

Best regards,
The Trustindex team