New feature: Highlighting

Thanks to the newest Trustindex feature you can now catch your potential customers’ attention more efficiently regarding your feedback.

What’s this?

With Highlighting, you are able to highlight any part of your reviews that you’d like. You can even customize the colour and size of it in the settings of the widget.

Why is this useful?

Grabbing the attention of your customers and visitors have never been easier, as highlighting does just that! So anyone that glances at your review widget will definitely read the highlighted details of the review.

How can I set the highlight?

The process is very easy and only takes a couple of clicks.

  1. The feature can be found on the left side ‘Review Management’ menu, under ‘Management’.

2. This is the menu where you’ll find all of your reviews, and you’ll see the Highligh feature along the other ones.

3. After clicking the ‘Highlight text’ button, you will be able to choose the part you want highlighted in the pop-up window. Don’t forget to save and you’re all done!

This is how the highlighting will look in the Review Management menu:

And this is how it’ll look like in the widget:

You can also do some further customization in the settings of the widget such as changing the highlight colour or the size.