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Become a Trustindex Affiliate and start earning today. Earn substantial commissions for every sale you generate, all while assisting your audience in achieving their business objectives.

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What is Trustindex about?

Trustindex is a subscription-based review management service, that specializes in creating highly customizable website widgets such as review widgets, image widgets and review certificates.

Besides widgets, we offer many other tools for businesses to enhance user engagement, generate leads, and increase sales.

No coding or design expertise is necessary!

Why become a Trustindex Affiliate?

Get rewarded with a recurring 30% commission on all transactions you refer.

Earn passive income easily

Get 30% commission on all of the referred transactions – new subscriptions, renewals, etc.

Guaranteed success

Your audience will surely love Trustindex as much as we do, thanks to its easy setup, streamlined interface, various features and budget-friendly pricing.

Regular & secure payouts

Experience the convenience of automated payouts directly to your bank account or PayPal.

Income calculator

Sign-ups / month

Income estimates

Paying referrals 2 24 48 120
From new referrals $57 $684 $684 $684
Recurring 0 0 $684 $2736
Total Earnings $57 $684 $1368 $3420

How to become a Trustindex Affiliate?

1. Sign up

Join the Affiliate program for FREE with our easy setup and application process.

2. Get your links

After the signup, receive your personal tracking links and Trustindex banners.

3. Get paid

Get paid a recurring 30% commission whenever your referrals become subscribers of Trustindex.

Why will your audience choose Trustindex?

  • Trustindex has a sleek, user-friendly interface – no coding skills are necessary for using it.
  • Complete customization of review widgets, with over 35+ widget styles and 25+ layout options.
  • Various online and offline tools to help with collecting reviews, such as email campaigns, QR codes, NFC cards and more.
  • Effortless review management with automatic AI-generated replies.
    Review certifications and trustmarks for conversion boosts right on your website.
  • Already loved by over 200.000+ users worldwide.
  • Easy and quick way of boosting a business’ online presence, reputation, and sales.

Suitable affiliate program for anyone

Monetize your content and online presence effectively - Trustindex offers an exceptional opportunity for bloggers, YouTubers, SEO specialists, web developers, and anyone who's interested.

Who are we looking for?

Support your followers by aiding them with a great service.

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways of marketing, we definitely need you.

SEO Specialists
You already know the importance of online reviews, might as well start earning passive income for it.

If your videos resonate with a vast following, you’re doing something right – let’s do it bigger together.

We want you on our program if you’re a member of a thriving community or frequently share your thoughts on products designed to enhance people’s lives.

Become our partner if you enjoy providing useful feedback to your followers.

Connect with us if you’re passionate about teaching people how to boost their business online.

WordPress Plugins developers
Get more out of your user base!

WordPress Themes developers
Make your package smarter by including our plugins.

SaaS developers / owners
Expand your range of services, offer more to your users and make more profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Trustindex account in order to join the program?
All you need to do is create a free Trustindex account. That’s it!

What is the commission rate?
Trustindex rewards its affiliate partners with a lifetime, 30% commission rate on all transactions made through the referral links.

Can I see my earnings?
Track your referrals and transactions live through your Trustindex Dashboard.

How often can I ask for payout?
When you want, just request it. Please wait until the fee gets bigger than 200$. (Think about transfer fees … )

Where can I access my links, banners, etc.?
All the materials you need can be found in your account’s dashboard.

How can I manage other partner accounts?
When an account is registered via your affiliate link, you have the option to manage it. In order to become a manager of an account, please reach out to us at .

I have a question, how can I reach out?
You can always reach us at or on Facebook Messenger.

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