Verified Reviews on Trustindex

Let’s explore the various types of verified reviews on Trustindex and their meanings.

Organic Trustindex reviews

Trustindex operates as an independent, open review platform where users can freely share their experiences and write reviews without businesses prompting them. These reviews are organic and not influenced by any supported invitation methods.

Verified reviews

A Verified icon will appear on review cards where the platform’s feedback-requesting process guarantees authenticity (for example:, Etsy, OpenTable, etc.).

a 'verified review' example

Verified Trustindex reviews

Trustindex ratings gathered through any of our automatic review-collecting methods (such as automatic email campaigns, Review Collector (NFC) Cards, QR codes, or our Shopify / WooCommerce integrations) are automatically labeled as Verified.

‘Verified by Trustindex’ reviews

Businesses can display their reviews as ‘Verified by Trustindex’ with a blue tick on each card of a review widget. This means that Trustindex verifies that the review originates from a certain review platform (such as Google, Tripadvisor, etc.).

a 'verified by trustindex' review verification

1. Enhanced Trust

Consumers are more likely to trust and rely on feedback that are marked as verified. This trust can lead to increased confidence in the company’s offerings, which is crucial for conversion and customer retention.

2. Improved Purchase Decisions

Authenticated reviews provide potential customers with more accurate and trustworthy information, aiding them in making informed purchase decisions. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and reduced return rates in the long run.

3. Customer Engagement and Feedback

Verified reviews encourage more customers to leave feedback, knowing their input will be acknowledged as authentic. This feedback loop is valuable for companies to improve their products and services continuously.

4. Increased Sales and Conversions

Trustworthy reviews can directly influence purchasing behavior, leading to increased sales and conversion rates. Customers are significantly more likely to buy from a company with positive, verified feedback.