Top Rated Badges on Trustindex

Let’s discuss the different ‘Top Rated’ badges that companies can qualify for on Trustindex with their reviews.

Trustindex’s Top Rated Badges are digital certificates that businesses can display on their websites, showcasing their high customer satisfaction. 

Trustindex verifies that a business achieved a rating score of 4.5 or above in the past 12 months on a review platform.

Important note: Trustindex does not make any assumptions or statements on behalf of Google or any other review platform regarding the status of being “Top Rated.” The Top Rated Badge is an achievement awarded solely by Trustindex, based on the verification that a business has achieved a rating score of 4.5 or above on a certain review platform within the past 12 months. This badge is provided as a widget for businesses that meet these criteria, independently of any endorsement or statement from Google or any other entity.

Integrating Trustindex’s Top Rated Badges onto your website has several benefits beyond looking great!

1. Show your website visitors that you’re the best

Displaying a Top Rated Badge signals to potential customers that your business is the best in your category and industry & has a high level of customer satisfaction.

2. Greater conversions than ever

A Top Rated badge reassures visitors, making them more likely to complete a purchase or engage with your business, thus improving conversion rates – it’s especially beneficial to display it on landing and main pages.

3. Competitive advantage

The badge differentiates your business from competitors who may not have such a certification, positioning it as a leader in your category.

4. Boost in sales

Overall, the combination of increased trust, improved conversions, and competitive differentiation can lead to a significant boost in sales and revenue for your business.

In order to qualify for the ‘Top Rated’ badge, a business must achieve all of the following criteria:

  • a rating score of 4.5 or above
  • in the past 12 months
  • on the selected review platform

Without fulfilling these conditions, a company can not receive the Top Rated status on Trustindex.

If your company’s score falls below 4.5 on the chosen review platform, Trustindex’s Top Rated Badges will no longer appear on your website. To regain the badge, the average score must be raised above 4.5 again.

It’s crucial for companies to maintain a high level of consumer satisfaction not only to showcase their excellence but also to uphold trust and credibility. Keeping customers happy ensures long-term success and fosters a positive reputation.

There are different types of ‘Top Rated’ categories businesses can use:

  • ‘Top Rated Service’
  • ‘Top Rated Provider’
  • ‘Top Rated Clinic’
  • ‘Top Rated Webshop’
  • ‘Top Rated Restaurant’
  • ‘Top Rated Hotel’
  • ‘Top Rated Bar’
  • ‘Top Rated Apartment’
  • ‘Top Rated Cafe’
  • And a completely customizable option, where the business can add their own category in case they don’t fit into any of the pre-established categories listed above.

The business that qualifies for the Top Rated badge can also opt in or out of showcasing the year in their badge.

Once verified, the badge can be displayed on the company’s website, providing an instant visual sign of reliability and quality to potential customers.