Collect reviews

Boost your company’s trust and sales with real customer reviews

Show off your best reviews to build trust, increase your SEO and sales using customer reviews. 100.000+ businesses use Trustindex to collect and embed reviews easily! Get the most out of your reviews with Trustindex.

Trustindex has got you covered when it comes to reviews.
Expect a load of incoming new reviews with the many features we provide for effortless and easy review collection.

Email campaigns

Automatic review collection

A powerful tool for easy and automatic review collection. With the help of our system, create automatic review collecting emails that will be sent out to your customers.

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QR Codes

Collect reviews offline

Configure a scannable QR code in under 1 minute that lets you direct your in-store buyers to your company’s review platform online. No more forgotten reviews from offline customers.

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NFC Cards

Get reviews with one quick tap

Trustindex review cards work with NFC technology. After a successful purchase, you can direct your customers with a single tap of their phone to the review platform of your choice, so they can easily leave a review on the spot.

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Unlimited review invitations

Skyrocket your online reputation and sales with the Trustindex Customer Reviews Collector app. Easy to integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce, this tool will surely get you that review boost you wanted.

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