Manage your online reputation in 1 place

You can manage your reviews on 100+ platforms easily

Online reputation management nowadays is more important than any other marketing activity. Paid advertisements mean nothing without a great online reputation.

If you want to earn your customers trust, you need to start by handling your reviews online including positive and negative ones in one place. 

Trustindex can be your gateway to more than 100 review platforms, including Google, Facebook and Amazon and many more

Collect, manage and display your reviews in customizable widgets from these top platforms on your website.

Improve your local Google searches

Lead the list of local searches with Trustindex tools. Collecting, managing and displaying your Google My Business reviews has never been easier.

Boosting your search ranking means boosting your sales – max out your customer relationships on and offline.

Managing Facebook Reviews

Everyone knows and uses the world’s most famous social platform, so your brand’s perceived image on Facebook can significantly affect your online reputation.

Trustindex gives you all the tools you could possibly need for collecting and displaying your Facebook reviews – which will help you turn your testimonials into eye-catching campaigns.

Quantity as well as quality
130+ review platforms available

We are the number one service when it comes to the variety of integrated platforms. Trustindex currently offers 130+ review platforms and we’re constantly integrating more and more upon user requests.

We’re listening
User-requested platforms

Our users are our number one priority and we listen to them. Feel free to send us requests to implement a review platform we don’t currently integrate with yet, and we’ll be sure to get back to you and put your request on the list for our developers.