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Last updated: October 23, 2023 


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  • Established: 2018
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With our Privacy Policy, we inform you of our privacy practices when you use our websites (any subdomain of and, our software as a service called Trustindex for Business, as well as our additional applications on different platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Shoptet, Woocommerce), collectively referred to as the website.

Our privacy notice explains what types of personal and non-personal data we collect from you, how we collect them, our data collection methods, data security measures, data sharing practices, procedures for accessing and modifying your information, and options for restricting the sharing of your data. It also explains specific legal rights associated with your personal data. Any capitalized terms not explicitly defined here will hold the same meanings as provided elsewhere on our website.


The terms “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to the owner of this Website.


This term encompasses information that is entirely devoid of any personally identifiable attributes.


PD pertains to information associated with an identified or identifiable natural person (referred to as the ‘data subject’). Such identification can occur directly or indirectly through identifiers like a name, identification number, location data, online identifiers, or a combination of factors specific to the individual’s physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity. PD shares commonalities with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) but is more comprehensive in scope, encompassing a broader range of data. 


SPD encompasses various elements, including a consumer’s social security, driver’s license, state identification card, or passport number. It also covers a consumer’s account login, financial account, debit card, or credit card number when combined with necessary security information, access codes, passwords, or access credentials. Additionally, SPD includes a consumer’s precise geolocation, ethnic or racial origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, and the contents of a consumer’s mail, text messages, and emails, unless the business is the intended recipient of such communication. SPD extends to a consumer’s genetic data, the processing of biometric data for unique consumer identification, personal information collected and analyzed regarding a consumer’s health, as well as their sex life or sexual orientation. Notably, sensitive personal information remains categorized as such, even if it is publicly available.


To exercise any of the legal rights outlined in this privacy notice, please reach out to us using the contact information provided at the top of this document. We are committed to responding to your request within 30 days from the date of receipt.

When using our website and disclosing Personal Data (PD) to us, you possess specific rights as dictated by privacy laws in various countries. These laws encompass regulations such as 

  • the European Union General Data Protection Regulation of 2016 (EU GDPR), 
  • privacy statutes within the United States, including the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (CPRA), 
  • the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, 
  • as well as other global privacy legislations.

Although not explicitly listed in this document, we are committed to exerting efforts within reason to accommodate data subject access requests, even when not legally mandated to do so. It’s important to note that we retain the right to reject any data subject access request that does not carry a legal obligation for our compliance.

Your rights include but are not restricted to the following:

  • The right to receive equal service and pricing, with no discrimination, even if you choose to exercise your privacy rights.
  • The right to access one or more means for submitting requests in accordance with this privacy notice, which includes, at a minimum, access to a toll-free telephone number or an email address, and, if applicable, a website address.
  • The right to ascertain whether your Personal Data (PD) is being sold, shared, or disclosed, and the identity of entities to whom it is disclosed.
  • The right to request that we abstain from selling or sharing any of your PD.
  • The right to request that we disclose specific personal information to you, including the categories of personal information collected about you; the sources from which this information is acquired; the business or commercial purpose behind the collection, sale, or sharing of your personal information; the categories of third parties with whom your personal information is shared; and the specific pieces of personal information collected about you.
  • The right to be informed about the Personal Data (PD) that we collect from you and how we process them.
  • The right to receive confirmation that your PD are being processed and to access your PD.
  • The right to have your PD corrected if they are found to be inaccurate or incomplete.
  • The right to request the removal or deletion of your PD, provided there is no compelling reason for us to continue processing them. It’s essential to note that the right to deletion is not absolute and can be overridden in cases where we retain a legal basis or overriding legitimate interest to continue processing your data.
  • The right to restrict or block the processing of your PD. In instances where your PD are restricted, we can store them but are prohibited from further processing.
  • The right to request the PD you provided to us and use them for your own purposes. Upon explicit request, we will furnish your data to you or another service or product provider within 30 days, subject to commercial and industrial confidentiality constraints.
  • processing of your data was grounded in legitimate interests or the execution of a task in the public interest or the exercise of official authority, which may include profiling.
  • Direct marketing and targeted advertising, which encompasses profiling activities.
  • Processing for the purposes of scientific research, historical research, and statistical analysis.
  • The right not to be subject to a decision that is exclusively based on automated processing, including profiling, which has legal consequences for you or similarly has a significant impact on you.
  • The right to guarantee that the collection of your Personal Data (PD) is confined to what is “adequate, relevant, and reasonably necessary” for the purposes for which the data is processed.
  • The right to designate an authorized agent to act on your behalf when making requests. To designate an authorized agent, you are required to provide a valid power of attorney, the requester’s valid government-issued identification, and the authorized agent’s valid government-issued identification.
  • The right to report a complaint with supervisory authorities if your information has not been processed in adherence to your rights under privacy laws.


Typically, you determine the quantity and nature of the information you provide to us while using our website.

The Legal Grounds for Collecting and Handling Personal Data (PD) 

When you purchase our products and services or complete any of the contact forms on our website, our legal foundation for obtaining and processing your PD arises from the essential need to fulfill a contract or initiate contract-related actions. For subscribing to our newsletter, downloading free resources, and accessing complimentary audio, videos, and additional business tools via our website, our legal basis for PD collection and processing is founded on your consent.

Automatic Information

We receive data automatically from your web browser or mobile device. This data may encompass your computer’s IP address or the proxy server used to connect to the Internet, the name of your Internet service provider, your web browser’s specifications, your mobile device type, your computer’s operating system, and details regarding your browsing activities on our website. We utilize this information to enhance the quality of our website.

When Accessing and Using Our Website 

Upon visiting and consenting to accept cookies on our website, it’s possible that some of these cookies may include your PD.

Use of Cookies 

Cookies are used on our website. A cookie is a small data fragment or text file that gets stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit specific websites. These cookies might incorporate text that can be interpreted by the web server responsible for delivering the cookie. The text found within the cookie commonly comprises a string of alphanumeric characters, serving to uniquely identify your computer or mobile device, and it may also include other relevant information.

By providing your consent to allow our use of cookies, you are granting us and the third-party collaborators we engage with the authorization to position, retain, and retrieve certain or all of the cookies as elaborated below onto your computer and/or mobile device.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies – These cookies are indispensable for ensuring the seamless operation of the website, including tasks like presenting content, logging in, verifying your session, addressing your service requests, and performing various other functions.
    • Functional Cookies – These cookies empower the website to retain user preferences, encompassing language choices, usernames, and other selections made during website usage.
    • Session Cookies – Session cookies facilitate websites in connecting a user’s actions during a single browser session. They can be applied to remember items placed in a shopping cart while browsing the website and allow users to be recognized as they navigate the site, preserving item or page adjustments from page to page. Session cookies expire once the browser session concludes.
    • Persistent Cookies – Persistent cookies remain on a user’s device between browser sessions, permitting the retention of user preferences and actions across a single website or multiple websites. They may be employed to remember user choices and preferences while using a website or for targeted advertising purposes.
  • Performance and Analytics Cookies – These cookies gather data regarding website usage, encompassing details like visited pages, traffic origins, user interests, content management, and various other measurements associated with the website’s performance and user engagement.
    • Media Cookies – These cookies may be employed to enhance a website’s performance and offer unique features and content. They can be installed by us or third-party service providers working with us to enhance the website’s functionality.
  • Advertising or Targeting Cookies – These cookies are typically established and employed by advertising firms to create a profile of your browsing preferences and deliver advertisements on other websites that align with your interests. They serve various purposes, such as:
    • Identifying the sections of our website that you have explored.
    • Tailoring the content you encounter on our website.
    • Enhancing our website analytics.
    • Re-promoting our products or services to you.
    • Retaining your preferences, configurations, and login information.
    • Implementing targeted advertising by displaying ads that resonate with your interests.
    • Enabling content sharing with social networks.

While it’s possible to configure the majority of web browsers to deactivate cookie usage, it’s essential to be aware that disabling cookies may result in limited or improper access to certain features on our website, or you may not be able to access them at all. To manage your cookie preferences, you can navigate to the “Cookie preferences” menu item located in the footer of every public page.

Web Beacons 

To gather general insights into your website usage and interactions with special promotions or newsletters, we may utilize a technology known as web beacons. The data obtained through web beacons enables us to perform statistical analyses, including tracking email open rates and acquiring additional details about your engagement with our services.

During User Registration, Company Reviewing, Reporting Reviews, and Purchasing Products or Services 

When you register as a user, make purchases of our products or services, or engage in activities related to reviewing companies and reporting reviews, we may gather a subset or all of the subsequent information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Location
  • Password
  • Third-party identification codes (e.g., Google, Facebook ID, and others)

Additionally, you have the choice to upload your photo.

For Admin User Registration 

When registering as an admin user, the information collected varies depending on whether it’s an individual user or a business entity:

For Individual Admin Users:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Optional photo upload

For Business Admin Users:

  • Business name
  • Business email
  • Business website
  • Password
  • Optional picture upload (logos, avatars, etc.)
  • Business description

In all instances, we retain IP address data each time our website is accessed.

When Using Trustindex

When you use Trustindex, you have the ability to create your personal profile, establish connections, communicate via messages, conduct searches and inquiries, participate in forums, and share data through various channels. We gather this data with the primary aim of delivering top-quality service and offering personalized features. In most instances, we retain this information to enable you to revisit previous messages you’ve transmitted or conveniently access your list of friends. To facilitate connections within the Trustindex community, your profile information, your first name, last initial, and photograph are visible to other Trustindex members, enabling you to connect with individuals on Trustindex.

Collecting Data About Your Physical Location

When you make use of our services, we may gather and handle information pertaining to your precise physical location. We employ various technologies, including GPS and IP tracking, to ascertain your location. These technologies may also provide us with data regarding nearby cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, and other connected devices.

Google API

When you access our website, you are bound by the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
When collecting and managing user data, including PD obtained through Google APIs, we adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy. Moreover, we mandate that our staff, contractors, and agents all adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy.

Chat Software and Contact Forms

Our website incorporates chat software and contact forms, allowing visitors to engage in online or offline communication with us via email. In certain instances, visitors can reach out to us without making any purchase. When you utilize our chat software or contact forms, we may gather a portion or all of the subsequent details:

  • Your email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Location
  • IP address
  • Subscription ID
  • Website
  • Troubleshooting information (which may encompass descriptions of your browser, WordPress installation, and more)
  • Any additional information you voluntarily choose to provide

We recommend sharing only the information that is necessary for us to effectively address your inquiries.

Google Analytics Integration 

To enhance our understanding of website usage, our website employs Google Analytics. Google Analytics gathers data from users, including age, gender, interests, demographics, visit frequency, the specific pages they access, and the other websites they visited prior to arriving at our website. The insights derived from Google Analytics help us evaluate traffic patterns and enhance our marketing, advertising, and website. Importantly, we do not merge the information obtained through Google Analytics with PD.

If you wish to prevent Google Analytics from using your data, you can opt out by visiting the following link:


In addition to Google Analytics, our website also incorporates analytics services from various other companies to amass data pertaining to website usage. These analytics services compile data, including the frequency of user visits to our website, the specific pages they browse, the timing of these visits, the preceding websites they accessed before arriving at our website, as well as their IP addresses. The information derived from these analytics tools is instrumental in our efforts to enhance the quality of our services.

Google Ads and Contents 

Third-party providers, such as Google, make use of cookies, pixels, and other technologies to display advertisements founded on a user’s previous interactions with our website. These technologies are also applied to monitor your actions on our site as well as on other websites, including the web pages you’ve visited, the advertisements or content you’ve engaged with, any purchases you may have made, and the search terms you’ve utilized. This enables us to provide customized advertising to you.

Should users wish to opt out of Google’s use of cookies for interest-based advertising, they can do so by visiting European users can visit for this purpose.

Sharing of PD for Lookalike/Similar Audience Marketing 

We may disclose your PD to third parties for the purpose of similar audience marketing, also known as lookalike audience marketing. The third parties with whom we share your PD for this form of marketing include Facebook and/or Google. The utilization of your PD in similar audience marketing or lookalike audience marketing aids us in identifying new audiences, both users and customers, who share similar interests with you. This, in turn, enhances the quality of our marketing services.

It’s important to note that your PD is exclusively shared with Facebook and Google for the specific marketing purposes detailed in this section. By utilizing our website and consenting to our privacy notice, you are granting permission for the use of your PD for the marketing objectives outlined here.

Consequences of Withholding Your PD 

In the event that you do not provide us with sufficient Personal Data (PD), there may be limitations on our ability to offer you all of our products and services. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that certain sections of our website can still be accessed and utilized without the necessity of providing your PD.

Using and Sharing Your PD 

We employ the information obtained from you to:

  • Deliver the products and services you have requested or bought from us.
  • Customize and personalize our content to enhance your experience.
  • Enhance and refine our website.
  • Communicate with you regarding updates related to our website, products, and services.
  • Address and resolve issues and disputes.
  • Contact you with information about products and services that we believe could be of interest to you.

Video Reviews 

Videos submitted through Trustindex might be shared on YouTube via the YouTube API Services. When you create and submit a video, it’s important to note that you are bound by the YouTube Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy. These documents provide insights into how your personal information is managed and safeguarded in connection with their services.

Photo Reviews 

Images submitted through Trustindex may be shared on social platforms through their API Services. When you create and submit a media file, it’s important to be aware that you are bound by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the specific platform you are using. These terms and policies provide insights into how your personal information is managed and safeguarded in connection with their services.

Communications and Emails 

When we initiate communication with you regarding our website, we will use the email address you supplied during your user or customer registration. Additionally, we may send you emails containing promotional content related to our website or offers from us or our partners, unless you have chosen to opt out of receiving such information. You have the flexibility to modify your contact preferences at any time by accessing your account settings or by reaching out to us using the contact details provided at the top of this privacy notice.

Sharing of Your Data When Logging in via Social Media Websites 

We may disclose your Personal Data (PD) with third parties like,,,, and others. When signing into our services using a third-party social networking website or service, your “friends/connections” list from that service or website may be automatically transferred to our services. It’s crucial to acknowledge that we lack control over the privacy notices and business practices of other third-party services or websites.

By logging into our website using social media websites, you are consenting to the utilization and storage of your profile information from those websites to enhance the use of any social media features on our platform. This sharing of data aids us in delivering an improved user experience on our website and provides us with insights like visitor traffic. When using the social sharing icons on our website to share our content, there’s a possibility that you may also be distributing your personal information through social media platforms. On the Social Platforms’ Permissions page, you are able to modify these access rights.

Text Messaging, SMS, Push Notifications, and Telephone Calls 

If you provide us with your mobile or landline telephone number, you are granting explicit consent and authorizing us or a third party to get in touch with you via any of these communication methods. It’s important to note that you are not obligated to provide your consent for us to contact you through these communication methods. Nevertheless, declining to grant your consent might impede or prevent us from delivering some or all of our services to you. You retain the ability to discontinue receiving text messages, push notifications, and telephone calls at any time by getting in touch with us or using one of our provided opt-out mechanisms.

Data Sharing with Third Parties 

We do not trade or lease your Personal Data (PD) to third parties for promotional purposes. Nevertheless, for the purpose of data aggregation, we may utilize your Non-Personal Data (NPD), which may be shared with other entities at our discretion. Any such data aggregation will not include any of your PD. Periodically, we disclose your PD to third-party service providers that we engage to deliver services on our behalf. These third-party service providers may encompass, but are not restricted to, payment processors, web analytics firms, call centers, data management services, advertising networks, help desk providers, accountants, legal firms, auditors, e-commerce platforms, and email service providers, as well as shipping companies.

Legally Mandated Disclosure of Information 

Your Personal Data (PD) may be revealed if such disclosure is (a) mandated by a subpoena, statutory requirement, or other legal procedures; (b) essential to aid law enforcement authorities or government regulatory agencies; (c) essential to safeguard our company against legal actions or claims from third parties, which may encompass you or other users; or (d) necessary to safeguard the legal rights, personal and/or tangible assets, or the personal well-being of our company, users, staff, and business associates.

Transfers to Subsequent Entities 

In the event of a complete or partial sale or merger of our business with another entity that assumes responsibility for delivering the website to you, we maintain the authority to transfer your Personal Data (PD) to the new entity. The new entity would also retain the privilege to employ your PD in accordance with the provisions outlined in this privacy notice, as well as any amendments to this privacy notice introduced by the new entity. Additionally, we reserve the right to transfer your PD if our company undergoes bankruptcy proceedings, and some or all of our assets are purchased by an alternative individual or company.

Community Forums, Blogs, or Similar Platforms 

Our website may provide users with the option to engage in online community forums, blogs, or similar mechanisms. When you opt to make posts on these discussion platforms, it’s important to exercise caution when sharing any Personal Data (PD), as such information is not covered by our privacy notice. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible if you choose to disclose your PD through such postings. Additionally, please be aware that PD you post on our website for publication may be accessible globally on the Internet. We cannot control or prevent the utilization or mishandling of this information by others.

Retention and Disposal of Your PD

We will retain your Personal Data (PD) in a manner that identifies you solely for the duration necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was initially collected, as outlined in this privacy notice, or for legal, business, or tax-related requirements. Our aim is to permanently remove or anonymize your PD when it reaches the conclusion of its designated retention period, or upon receiving a valid request from you to do so. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that some of your data may persist within our systems, such as when it is in line to be overwritten. This type of data has been set aside from active use, which implies that even though it remains in our archival system, it is not readily accessible through our operational systems or by any of our staff or contracted personnel.


Should you make any postings on our website that encompass details regarding third parties, you acknowledge and confirm that you possess the necessary authorization to include such information. Although we do not bear legal responsibility for the actions of our users, we will take appropriate action, including the removal of any postings upon notification, if these postings are found to infringe upon the privacy rights of others.


Certain web browsers offer settings that allow you to request our website not to track your activities while navigating within it. However, please note that our website does not adhere to these settings when they are transmitted to and identified by our website. If you wish to deactivate tracking features and modify other security settings in your browser, please consult your browser’s user manual for guidance.


Our website may include links to other websites. These websites are not within our purview and do not fall under the jurisdiction of our privacy notice. We bear no responsibility for these external websites and offer links to them exclusively for your convenience. You understand that your use of and access to these external websites are entirely at your own risk.


Our website is not intended for use by individuals under the age of 16. We do not intentionally collect Personal Data (PD) from children under the age of 16. If you are a parent or guardian and believe that your child is utilizing our website, and they are under the age of 16, please get in touch with us. In certain cases, before removing any information, we may request proof of identification to prevent the unauthorized removal of account information. Should we ascertain that a child under the age of 16 has accessed our website, we will promptly delete their information. It’s important to note that we do not verify the age of our users and are not legally obligated to do so.


You have the option to unsubscribe from receiving email communications from us or our affiliated entities at any time. We will not, without your consent, engage in the sale, rental, or trade of your email address to unrelated third parties, except in cases where our company is sold or transferred, or in the event of our company filing for bankruptcy, as detailed in the “Transfers to Subsequent Entities” section.


Our website and services are constructed with industry-standard security measures and authentication tools to ensure the safety of your Personal Data (PD). Both we and the third-party service providers we employ uphold technical and physical safeguards to shield your PD. However, it is important to acknowledge that, due to the inherent nature of the Internet, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee against the loss or misuse of your PD, or secure data transmission over the Internet. We strongly advise you to safeguard any passwords you may possess for our website and refrain from sharing them with others.


In some instances, you may be required to furnish a credit or debit card for the purchase of products and services through our website. We employ third-party billing services, and we do not possess direct control over these services. To maintain the strict confidentiality of your credit card number, we take reasonable measures by exclusively utilizing third-party billing services that employ industry-standard encryption technology, safeguarding your credit card number against unauthorized use. Nevertheless, it is essential to recognize and accept that we bear no responsibility for any unauthorized or improper use of your credit card number.


The PD we gather from you may be stored, processed, and transmitted to various countries where we operate. Notably, the European Union has not recognized the United States and certain other nations as having an adequate level of PD protection under Article 45 of the GDPR. Our company depends on derogations for specific scenarios as outlined in Article 49 of the GDPR.

For users from the European Union or other countries, with your consent, your PD may be transferred to the United States or other countries when you request information from us. When you purchase goods or services, we will employ your PD to fulfill a contractual agreement with you. Regardless of where we transfer, process, or store your PD, we will make reasonable efforts to apply safeguards for its protection.

We will utilize the information collected from you following the procedures specified in our privacy notice. Additionally, we enter into data processing agreements and, when appropriate, standard contractual clauses. These standard contractual clauses are integrated into this privacy notice by reference and can be reviewed at the footer of every public URL on our website. By using our website, you consent to the transfer of your PD, as described in this section.


We retain the right to modify this privacy notice at our discretion. Should our company opt to make changes to this privacy notice, we will publish those revisions on our website to ensure that our users and customers remain informed regarding the information we collect, employ, and disclose.

If, at any point, we decide to disclose/use your Personal Data (PD) in a manner that deviates from what was stated at the time of collection, we will issue advance notice through email, sent to the email address linked to your account. Otherwise, we will disclose/use PD for our users and customers in accordance with the privacy notice applicable at the time when the information was originally collected.

In all instances, your continued use of our website, services, and products after any adjustments to this privacy notice will signify your acceptance of those changes. Should you have inquiries concerning our privacy notice, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided at the top of this privacy notice.