1. YouTube widget types
  2. How to embed in any site
  3. Why do I need to embed YouTube Gallery Widget?
  4. What makes Trustindex video gallery widget special?
  5. Why choose Trustindex?
  6. 5 Benefits of using the YouTube Video Gallery
  7. Why do I need a YouTube video gallery on my website?

Trustindex provides a simple-to-use solution that lets you customize your YouTube widget to meet your unique requirements. With a range of personalized options available, such as multiple layouts, styles, colors, and more, you can create a Youtube gallery that blends in perfectly with your website’s appearance.

Furthermore, our services enable you to effortlessly incorporate these Youtube widgets into your site.

  • Slider – displays your feeds in a cycle
  • Grid – feeds are shown in columns
  • List – display longer texts in one column by listing your feeds
  • Masonry – display feeds in “fluid” arrangement

Integrating YouTube videos into your website or online store is a hassle-free experience with Trustindex. Our setup process is uncomplicated and easy to follow. Simply create a free account and follow our user-friendly instructions.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Connect your channel

After logging in, you can connect your Trustindex account to social platforms by using the “Connect Platforms” menu. Here, you will need to connect your YouTube profile.

Once you have made the connection, you can start creating feed widgets.

  1. Create a YouTube widget

After connecting your social media networks and syncing your YouTube channel, you can start setting up your feed widgets.

This is a great way to customize the pages of your website with multiple layouts and style options for the feed widgets.

On the configuration page, you can preview how the YouTube feed widget layout and style will appear with just a few clicks.

Once you have chosen your feed widget, you can personalize it to your preferences.

  1. Edit feed widget style

After choosing a style, you will be taken to the Widget Configurator.

Here, you can make all of the necessary adjustments to your YouTube feed widget and its settings.

Here you can find all the tools to create a feed widget that is best suited to your brand and website.

  1. Save and insert

Once you are happy with the setup of your YouTube Gallery, remember to save it and copy the provided code from the appearing window.

Now all you have to do is embed code into your website – wherever you feel like you want your Facebook page feed to appear.

Why do I need a YouTube feed widget?

Enhance audience engagement

Attract your website visitors with compelling YouTube content, enticing them to stay longer on your site, thereby boosting engagement levels.

Boost lead generation

Display video tutorials, promotional content, reviews, and testimonials directly from your YouTube channel on your website to transform visitors into valuable leads.

Grow your YouTube subscribers

Encourage your website visitors to become channel subscribers by providing them with an opportunity to do so directly from your site, thereby expanding your subscriber count.

Display any YouTube content

The Trustindex YouTube widget for your website gives you complete control over video content. Infuse structure and variety into your content by forming video groups, each with editable titles, to craft vibrant and captivating playlists.

With numerous layout possibilities, you can effortlessly put the ideal YouTube Channel widget together for your website. Set the widget’s width and configure the content grid by specifying the number of columns, rows, and adjusting the gutter as desired. Take advantage of a range of navigation controls, including arrows, scrolling, pagination, and more.

Limitless style customization

Explore a spectrum of color options to suit any preference and website theme. With YouTube Video Gallery, you have the freedom to select custom colors for a wide array of elements, including headers, groups, content, videos, and popups, allowing you to express your unique aesthetic vision.

Why use Trustindex of all others?

Impressive features are just the beginning of the delights in store.

To supercharge your website with all it needs, our dedicated support team is consistently prepared to provide quality assistance and feedback for any inquiry, alongside delivering the latest updates.

Easy to Set Up and Configure

No coding knowledge required, no need to hire a developer – our interactive dashboard guarantees an easy installation of YouTube gallery in just a few clicks, making sure your business can save time and valuable resources.

Completely Customizable

Tailor your YouTube gallery widget to match your desired aesthetic, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your website or grab the attention of your users and visitors!


YouTube Gallery Widget Pro is designed with mobile devices in consideration, your YouTube gallery is displayed nicely on all screen sizes and devices.

Page Speed Optimized

Unlike many social media plugins that can slow down your website by generating numerous external requests, YouTube Gallery Widget is built to prioritize performance right from its foundation for better search engine optimization.

Expert Trustindex Team

With premium support and complimentary feed embedding, we ensure you enjoy the most seamless and trouble-free user experience possible

There are several reasons why you might want to embed a YouTube widget into your website:

  1. Increase engagement

Adding a YouTube feed to your website can increase user engagement by providing visitors with additional content to consume.

  1. Enhance visual appeal

A YouTube feed widget can also add visual appeal to your website, making it more dynamic and interesting to visitors.

  1. Improve SEO

Embedding YouTube content on your website can improve your search engine optimization and search engine rankings by providing additional content for search engines to index.

  1. Drive traffic to your YouTube channel

By embedding your YouTube feed on your website, you can also drive traffic to your YouTube channel, potentially increasing your views and subscribers.

  1. Showcasing your content

If you create and publish videos on YouTube, embedding a feed on your website can showcase your content to a wider audience, potentially leading to more engagement and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Youtube feed widget?

Using this valuable tool can effectively integrate YouTube content onto your website. It allows you to create galleries or display videos or entire channels, which can entertain your visitors and aid in promoting your brand.

Can I add just one YouTube video to my feed widget?

The YouTube Video Gallery widget enables the usage of both individual videos and channels.

How to add a YouTube video to my website?

To embed our YouTube feed widget, follow these steps outlined in the detailed tutorial:
Use our editor to construct your personalized widget.
Customize the application specifications and make any necessary modifications.
Copy the code provided in the window.
Incorporate the code into your website and save the changes.

Can I embed Youtube videos on just one page?

By selecting a single video template within the feed widget’s settings, you can embed one or multiple YouTube channel videos onto the content area of your website.

Can I adjust the size of the Youtube widget?

The YouTube Gallery widget permits you to adjust the widget’s width, ensuring a balanced integration with the available space on your website.

Is the YouTube feed widget mobile-friendly?

Our widget works flawlessly and has an appealing appearance on any device, ranging from desktop computers to smartphones.