Boost your sales with real customer reviews!

Gain the trust of your visitors, and get more customers, without increasing your marketing expenses!

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Fact: 87% of online customers make their decision based on reviews.

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Why use Trustindex?

Building customers’ trust using reviews works excellently in case of websites and webshops.

  • Collect real customer reviews automatically, without any effort.
  • Publish all your reviews on your website or webshop, and integrate them into your email signatures and newsletters.
  • This method guarantees that you gain the trust of your customers, increase their will to buy, and also boost your conversions and sales.
  • Thanks to the increased customer trust, your income per sale will also increase.

How does Trustindex work?

4 functions in 1 tool to build customers’ trust online

Collect real customer reviews without any effort, automatically

With our system you can automatically invite your customers to review your service!

Thus you can easily get hundreds of real customer reviews per month effortlessly. Thanks to the continuously received reviews, your online reputation starts to build up, and your business will be considered trustworthy. The only thing you have to do is to present your excellent reviews to more and more visitors.

Integrate our widgets to your site to publish your real customer reviews

Simply build in our ready-to-use solutions to your sale system, so everyone can see your real reviews.

In our experience, the best places to insert customer reviews into are: the homepage, landing pages, product pages, cart pages, payment pages, email signatures, newsletters. Publishing real reviews can gain visitors’ trust, and boost conversions and sales!

Follow the increase of your conversions and sales in our statistics

Thanks to our statistics available at the admin panel you can learn how many additional real customer reviews you get each month using the automated invitation system. You can also make preliminary estimations.

Moreover, we will show you how the integratable widgets can help to boost your conversions and sales compared to the original conditions.

Start online campaigns on channels and tools where you previously experienced bad performance

Customers’ trust builds up thanks to the increased amount of reviews, giving you more leeway in your online campaigns.

In our experience, thanks to the increased conversion rates you can launch and run succesful campaigns on channels and tools that made losses before because of the low customer trust.

The 4 keystones of Trustindex’s success

1. Credibility

Integration with the biggest social media websites

Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor are internationally well-known websites, and the credibility of a review can be easily verified.

2. Excellent design

Widgets with outstanding graphic designs

You can choose from dozens of simply integratable widgets to find the most perfect for the place where you want to use it. The widgets are optimalized for mobile, tablet and PC.

3. Simple usage

Quick configuration and easy integration

You do not have to be a developer to insert the widgets to your website, newsletters or email signatures simply and quickly.

4. Automation

Mass collection of real reviews

In our experience, at least 150-200 real reviews are required to have a credible online reputation. With our software, anyone can achieve this amount in 3-6 months.

Boost your sales with real customer reviews!

Gain the trust of your visitors, and get more customers, without increasing your marketing expenses!

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