Deals you can’t pass up on


Display unique offers on your Review Summary Page to motivate potential customers to make purchases and redirect them to your own website.

Make your visitors see

Attention-grabbing design

Offers show up at the top of the summary page, directly above your reviews in the shape of an attention-grabbing box, in which you can find the offer’s title and content on the left and a button on the right side which re-directs the curious customers to the website of your choosing.

Collect the clicks
Increase traffic for your website

Clicking the button in the offer then takes your customers back to your own website to explore the discount. This is exactly why it is advantageous – and profitable – if you have different, unique offers showcased for those who are interested.

Want to know how?

See our article here for an in-depth guide on Offers.

How to make offers on your Review Summary Page – Trustindex