1. Website widget types
  2. 10 best Houzz reviews widgets
  3. How to embed in any site
  4. 7 best features of the widgets
  5. How to collect Houzz reviews fast and easily
  6. Why are Houzz reviews widgets important?
  7. Aggregate your reviews
  8. Conclusion

8 most common review widget types

With Trustindex, customizing your Houzz reviews widget to match your unique needs has never been easier! Our diverse selection of layouts, styles, colors, and other customizable features allow you to create the perfect widget for your website. Plus, seamlessly integrating Houzz reviews into your site is a breeze with our services.

  • Slider: Allow customers to continuously slide through your reviews.
  • Grid: Organize your reviews into multiple rows and columns for a sleek display.
  • Button: Summarize your overall review score with a single button.
  • Badge: Display a badge showcasing your overall rating.
  • List: Display longer reviews in a single column.
  • Floating: View longer reviews by hovering your cursor over them.
  • Pop-up: Give customers easy access to your reviews with a pop-up widget.
  • Sidebar: Include a review widget in the sidebar of your website.

10 Amazing Houzz Reviews Widgets in 2023

Silder I. – Light background

Silder I. – Light Minimal

Slider III. – with badge – Light border

Slider I. – centered – Drop shadow

Grid – Light background

List I. – Light background

Button IV.

Button III.

HTML Badge I.

Sidebar Slider III.

How to Embed Houzz Reviews Widget on Any Website

Trustindex makes it easy and straightforward to embed Houzz reviews into your online store or website. With our hassle-free setup process, all you need to do is create a free account and follow our user-friendly instructions.

add review site
  1. Connect Houzz

After logging in, connecting your Trustindex account to websites that host your reviews is easy. Simply click on the “Connect Platforms” option and select the Houzz business page to link it to your account.

add Houzz account
  1. Add new Houzz reviews widget

Once you have linked your account to Houzz reviews and completed the synchronization, you can proceed to the widget configuration page.

add new Houzz reviews widget

From there, you can preview various widget designs and styles with just a few clicks. Once you’ve found the perfect widget, you can easily customize it to your specific requirements.

  1. Adjust style and settings

With the Style Editor, you have complete control over the settings and appearance of your Houzz reviews.

houzz review widget

You can choose to display all reviews or only positive ones with the help of review tags and filters. Additionally, you can modify the color of the review text, reviews background and much more – the customization possibilities are endless! Houzz reviews also support multiple languages for added convenience.

  1. Embed Houzz reviews into your website

After customizing the Houzz reviews widget to your preferences, simply save and copy the generated installation code. Then, embed it into the appropriate section of your web page as instructed by the admin.

embed Houzz reviews custom html

You can choose to use WordPress shortcodes or HTML code to insert the widget. Once you have done this, the Houzz review widget will appear on your website.

If you require assistance with inserting your widget, our Customer Support team is always available to help.

7 Best Features of Trustindex review widgets

By incorporating Trustindex widgets on your website, your customers can use their favorite Houzz reviews as social proof to boost sales. There are numerous benefits to this approach, including:

  1. Easy Interface

Creating remarkable website widgets is a breeze with our modern and intuitive platform. You can monitor your website widget’s performance through comprehensive analytics available on our website admin panel. Our style editor also includes a preview option, enabling you to instantly see the impact of any modifications you make to the settings.

  1. Automatic Updates

You can choose the frequency of your widget reviews, with options ranging from daily, weekly, to monthly refreshes.

  1. Seamless Synchronization

Trustindex makes integrating Houzz reviews into your web page simple. You only need to click a few buttons to enable automatic synchronization of your reviews.

  1. Custom Widgets

Trustindex offers the freedom to customize your widget for free, ensuring that you and your customers are satisfied with the results when integrating Houzz Reviews.

  1. Endless Settings

Our widgets provide endless customization possibilities, from filters and tags to manual selection, links, and colors, providing you with a personalized experience.

  1. Responsive Widgets

Our widgets are responsive and designed to adapt to various screen sizes, ensuring seamless mobile viewing.

  1. Hide Negative Ratings

If negative ratings are causing you distress, you can choose to hide them from your widgets as necessary.

4 ways to collect Houzz Reviews fast and easily

Reviews demonstrate trust, so let us assist you in enhancing your business growth and elevating customer experience. Apart from using a Houzz widget, we can provide you with strategies to obtain more reviews from Houzz customers.

  1. Effortless Review Collection with Automated Emails

Our tool simplifies the review collection process by allowing you to create automated emails that request customer reviews. This makes it easier for you to collect maximum client insights.

  1. Collect Reviews from In-person Shoppers with QR Codes

In just 60 seconds, you can generate a scannable QR code that directs your physical store customers to your online review platform. This ensures that no reviews from in-person shoppers are missed.

  1. Leverage NFC Cards for New Reviews

Trustindex review cards simplify the process of directing customers to your preferred review platform after they complete their purchase. NFC technology enables customers to leave a review on your chosen platform with a simple tap of their phone.

  1. Enhance Your Online Reputation and Sales with Integrations

The Trustindex Customer Reviews Collector app is an effective tool for increasing your online reputation and sales. Installing the app on Shopify and WooCommerce sites is a breeze, providing you with additional reviews.

Why use Houzz Reviews widget?

With Houzz, you can effectively promote your business online and create a platform to exhibit your services and work. This will enable homeowners to easily discover your business and engage your services for their next project.

By customizing and embedding Houzz reviews on your website, you can establish trust and credibility with potential customers. This is achieved by showcasing positive reviews from previous clients, which can improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and drive more traffic to your site. Displaying customer reviews on your website can also provide valuable social proof, setting your business apart from competitors.

Display Houzz reviews aggregated

You can personalize your reviews widget by amalgamating reviews from various popular business review sites and applications along with your own ratings. There are several options available that can be used to add reviews from the following sources:

The role of Houzz reviews

Houzz reviews are important for several reasons. First, they provide social proof to potential customers that your business provides quality services and products. This can help build trust and credibility with new customers.

Second, Houzz reviews can help improve your business’s search engine optimization (SEO) by providing fresh content and user-generated keywords.

Third, displaying Houzz reviews on your website can differentiate your business from competitors and attract more potential customers.

Finally, Houzz reviews can also provide valuable feedback to help you improve your business and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect more Houzz reviews on my website page?

Our review request button, which has a button-style design, simplifies the process of guiding your visitors to leave more ratings on Houzz or Trustindex. Embed Houzz reviews and collect even more feedback with Trustindex widgets.

Can I edit the size of my widget?

For optimal display, it is recommended to insert your Trustindex widget into a box that is appropriately sized, as the widget will expand to fit the available space.

Is it compatible with all CMS and website builder?

Trustindex widgets are compatible with just about every website CMS or website builder platform, including but not limited to Adobe Muse, Blogger, Elementor, HTML, Squarespace, and more.

Are the Houzz review widgets fully responsive?

The widget provides an excellent user experience, regardless of the device used, whether it is a desktop or a smartphone.