10 Best Google Reviews Plugin WordPress 2023

Written by Victoria Csiga,

In this article, you will be diving into the world of Google review widgets and WordPress plugins for them. Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to add Google reviews to your website? You have come to the right place! Adding Google Business reviews on your website can be a major factor in helping you […]

What is AMP?

Written by Ádám Gulyás,

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project that was launched primarily to speed up the load time of websites. These pages have features such as speed, good looks, and high performance, unlike many other pages with older structures. With AMP, pages are break with “traditional page loading” thanks to various optimization techniques, which […]

How to add Google my business Managers and Owners? How to delete?

Written by Victoria Csiga,

If you’re using GMB to list your business online, then you’re going to need to enter some basic information such as who the manager or owner of the company is. By adding the Google my Business manager, you will add authority and credibility to the listing and let customers know that your business is legitimate. […]

Google my business analytics guide: how to track your rankings?

Written by Victoria Csiga,

GMB (Google My Business) is an essential tool for any business owner, as it helps you put your company on the map. It also provides you with additional benefits such as the Google my Business analytics function, which can give you key insights on how your business is performing according to KPIs (key performance indicators). […]

Can I change my google business name and keep my reviews?

Written by Victoria Csiga,

Method | Rankings | Keeping Reviews | Frequency Businesses change names and rebrand all the time, so if you’ve ever wondered ‘can I change my Google business name’, don’t worry, it’s possible to change the name of your business on your GMB listing. It isn’t too difficult to do, either. However, a common concern that […]

Can I turn off google reviews for my business?

Written by Victoria Csiga,

Remove reviews | Turn off reviews | Flag reviews | Handling bad reviews Reviews on Google are one of the best ways to boost your online visibility and climb local SEO rankings, so they can form an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. So if you’re wondering ‘can I turn off Google reviews for […]

The Streisand Effect: What is it? How Does it Affect Brands?

Written by Victoria Csiga,

Definition I Barbra Streisand I Examples I Victims I Avoidance I In a nutshell, the Streisand Effect is what happens when a brand attempts to keep information secret but ends up causing it to spread like wildfire instead. As you can imagine, this can be an incredibly embarrassing phenomenon for businesses and brands as it reveals […]

Online Reputation Management Guide for Businesses

Written by Victoria Csiga,

Importance I Essence I Benefits I Tracking tools I Tracking methods I How to have it? I Reputation management is just as important as collecting and curating customer reviews for businesses since it can greatly impact how consumers perceive you. If you don’t have a handle on your online reputation, you’ll be open to criticism […]

Brand Reputation: 7 Ways to Boost Your Business

Written by Victoria Csiga,

Definition I Importance I How to have a good brand reputation? I  Brand reputation is all about a company’s image. As soon as a business starts trading, it’s in the limelight. That means the way customers perceive the business becomes everything, and the management of brand reputation should be of the utmost importance to business […]

11 Types of Customer Reviews and How to Get Them

Written by Victoria Csiga,

Importance of Customer Reviews I Boost your Brand I Types of Customer Reviews I Customer reviews are essential for business owners as they can be seen as a form of free marketing to develop a budding business. Whether the comments and reviews left are positive or negative is less critical than the number of reviews […]