How to use Google reviews widgets?

With the help of Google reviews widgets you can easily embed your feedback from Google directly to your own website.

This method is one of the most popular marketing strategies out there. In the long run, these widgets can help you:

  • Boost your search performance: you can gain higher visibility and increase your sales when you fully utilize your reviews.
  • Improve your conversion: your conversion rates can go up by 17% when reviews are showcased in the search results.
  • Effective social proof: 94% of consumers rely on online reviews when deciding about your business.
  • Lower costs: by adding reviews to your website you can reduce your costs on your AdWords campaigns.

Why should you use Google reviews widgets?

Online reviews have the potential power to influence your customers’ purchasing choices when it comes to your business, and Google reviews are especially influential.

Today, Google is the biggest review website.

64%of consumers say they look up a business’ Google reviews before actually visiting the particular brand. This amount is bigger than any other online reviewing site’s.

With the help of a Google reviews widget you too can boost your business’ online presence while utilizing your customers’ experiences to  gain potential buyers in the future.

How to display Google reviews on your website?

If you just copy and paste your customers’ online feedback into your own website it probably won’t look too trustworthy or convincing. However when you directly embed reviews from your company’s own Google business listing, success could be guaranteed. The copy&pasted reviews will only decrease the authenticity of the feedback, especially when they aren’t coming from a third party platform.

Luckily, with Trustindex you have a plethora of layouts and styles of widgets you could choose from when it comes to picking the right widgets to embed into your website. It makes it easy to handle and display your reviews from Google, or another 20 different kinds of platforms.

Making and embedding the Google widget takes about 3 minutes from start to finish – no need for any developer skills for the process. You can personalize your widgets with the many settings we offerc, such as filtering 5-star reviews and changing up the animation, etc.

If you would like to see our widget configuration in action, click here and subscribe for a free trial at Trustindex.

Google reviews for your WordPress site

WordPress is still one of the most popular choices when it comes to developing a website, and it has its own catalog of review displaying widget plugins. Ther’s at least 24 pages worth of results when you search for „Google reviews widget”.

There you will be able to find Trustindex’s plugin, which allows you collect and control all your reviews directly from Google. This means every time you receive new feedback your widget will automatically update with  the newest content.

However, some Google reviews widgets come with restrictions and limitations. Such as limited quantity of displayable reviews, or how most free plugins don’t always offer help with technical issues.

This is why you need to do your due diligence when choosing on which plugin to use for your own business. Do your research and see if it’s fully compatible with your website’s code as well as whether it has every feature you seek from a widget.

I got my Google reviews widget. What’s next?

After choosing the right widget you’re still not done. To b ring out the most of your efforts, here are some tips that you should use:

Now that you have the widget for your Google reviews, you have the opportunity to make rating your business easier than ever for your customers. Using a Google reviews link is a simple and effective way for your customers to share their experiences.

Create Google reviews stickers

Google My Business offers a free marketing Kit function that lets you create, download and print your personalized marketing materials for free. This turns your reviews and business information into ready-to-use social media posts, stickers, and posters, for example.

Use this opportunity to promote your business with the help of your customers’ experiences while offering an easy way of giving feedback about your brand!

Supervise and respond to your Google reviews

It doesn’t matter how many stars your reviews have, the best practice is replying to all of your feedback publicly.

Think about it:

  • 45% of buyers say they are more inclined to visit a business that answer the negative reviews.
  • By responding, 80% of customers were convinced that the company cared about their reviews, whether they were positive, negative or neutral.

If you would like to take a closer look on the matter and receive some foolproof tips and practices for answering all kinds of reviews, click here!

Avoid limiting the reviews

Google doesn’t want companies to discourage or ban sharing negative feedback, or specifically solicit positive reviews from their customers. Some businesses send their customers a feedback or survey form via e-mails, sms, social media, etc., so based on the responses they can encourage the buyer to leave positive feedback publicly – or the oppostie, send their negative experiences privately. Google does not appreciate this type of behaviour.

Don’t forget: never ask for exclusively positive reviews. To stay compliant with the guidelines of today’s biggest review platform as well as satisfy the ever-growing demand for transparency and authenticity when it comes to reviews, you must let your customers know that if it is needed they should feel free to share their negative experiences.

Most brands sit on tens of thousands of their reviews because of this, that they haven’t utilized for their marketing strategy.

By choosing the most fitting Google reviews widget for your website you too can optimize your site for conversion and make your reviews a lot more accessible for your potential buyers.