How To Use Tripadvisor – Review Analysis

Why are Tripadvisor Reviews Useful?

The hugely popular travel website Tripadvisor is a place where many travelers go to review various businesses and their services. The company’s recent information shows just how much traffic it gets, with a staggering 490 million unique visitors estimated to visit the site every month.

Many of these visitors aren’t just passing by either, as there are well over 730 million reviews on the site spanning the biggest number of travel listings of any website. There are around 8.1 million accommodation options, experiences, airlines, and restaurants listed on Tripadvisor.

The reviews users leave for your business on Tripadvisor can have a huge impact on the purchase decisions of other consumers, which is backed up by research:

  •  Tripadvisor is considered to be the most trusted website for travel planning and information.
  •  Around 83% of consumers claim that reading Tripadvisor reviews helps them get more confidence surrounding travel-related decisions.
  •  96% of hotel and hospitality brands affirm that Tripadvisor reviews are hugely instrumental in generating bookings.

So as you can infer from this data, Tripadvisor is hugely influential on customer’s purchase decisions regarding travel.

In order to leverage this information for the good of your company, you’ll want to track and analyze Tripadvisor reviews to the best of your ability. If you can stay abreast of what your customers are saying about you, then you’ll be in a strong position to improve the experience for future customers.

Why Analyse Tripadvisor Reviews?

Now let’s dive a little deeper into Tripadvisor reviews and what impact they can have on consumer behavior as well as the success of your business.

Reviews Influence Bookings

It should be no surprise given the statistics we just provided that reviews can influence bookings.

PhoCusWright, a global travel market research company, found that 83% of people use reviews to find the perfect hotel. It also found that 80% will read between 6-12 reviews before booking and that 53% will not book unless they have first seen some reviews.

This dependence on reviews can also be seen with restaurants and top attractions. 68% of people use reviews to find out more about attractions, while 64% read them to get a better idea of which restaurant to go to.

Your Rating Increases with Reviews

There is also evidence to show that, on average, a hotel with between 11 and 20 reviews will have a 3.5-star rating, and around 12% will be ‘terrible’ reviews. 

However, the trend proves that the more reviews a hotel gets, the higher its rating is likely to be. As a hotel listed on Tripadvisor gets more reviews, its average rating increases to around 3.9 stars, if there are 101 or more in total.

Responsiveness Lead to Engagement

There is also considerable evidence that points to the fact that the quicker your business responds to reviews, the better the level of engagement will be.

Those Tripadvisor-listed companies who take the initiative to respond promptly enjoy 17% more engagement and will be 21% more likely to get a booking than those which don’t.

This is another reason why you should utilize a review management software to help your business flourish and stay on top of your review responding game. Trustindex can offer you this and so much more!>>

Generate More Revenue

A higher level of responsiveness can also help your business to generate more revenue.

The revenue of online travel agents is said to increase along with the number of review responses on Tripadvisor.

Plus, the higher your business’ overall rating, the more revenue you are likely to generate anyway.

How To Leverage Tripadvisor Reviews

If you have a Tripadvisor business page, you must first claim your Tripadvisor listing, and if you don’t, you should create a new one.

Receive Better Reviews

By encouraging consumers you’ve dealt with to submit reviews and present feedback, you can get even more reviews for your business. To do this, it’s worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the Tripadvisor ‘Review Express’ tool.

Alternatively, you can set up email or SMS campaigns that encourage customers to leave reviews after interacting with the business.


There’s a lot you can do to drive traffic to your business page on Tripadvisor in order to encourage them to leave reviews.

You can create review widgets, window stickers, or simply give out comment cards to in-person customers.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a ‘Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence,’ make sure it is proudly on display where customers can see it.

Track Reviews

One of the best ways to track reviews is to set up alerts on Tripadvisor, as they will notify you every time a new review has been posted about your business.

It’s a good idea to do this since you’ll have a clear picture of how your company is doing in consumers’ eyes.

It will also keep you informed of any suspicious-looking reviews that might need to be flagged for removal.

Respond and React

If you prove to customers that you are a business willing to respond and react to feedback, then you can boost your reputation among consumers.

Try to resolve issues as soon as possible, ask those who left negative reviews to consider updating them, and adapt your tone to the situation.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the types of reviews your business might get and how to respond to them perfectly!>>