Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About reviews

When will new reviews appear?

The trustindex’s background system updates the reviews (downloads new ones) daily:

  • several times in PRO packages
  • once in Free packages

New reviews you may recieve will be displayed on your web page (in the widget) after updating of the given widget. This can happen after manual saving the widget or automatically, based on the widget setting (On the widget edit page, click the “More settings” and search for “refresh rate”)

About domains

What is a domain? Should I link all my review sources to one domain?

We recommend reading the following article:

What is a domain and how do I use it?

About WordPress

Widget box do not not appears unless I am logged in to my WordPress page.

The reason is probably your cache plugin. ( For example: Wp Rocket plugin, … ) Solutions:

  1. On the page, you should switch off the “minimize/combine JS” function
  2. Download one of our plugins and with it you can use the shortcode function: you can replace the widget’s script
    <script defer async src=''></script>
    with this:
    [trustindex data-widget-id="e2e741b795c369623f6652f"]
    And that’s all! (Of cource, change the colored widget ID to your own widget’s ID!)