Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About domains

My site is on a temporary domain and, we will be transferring it to a different domain?

Yes, you can do that. If you have Trustindex registration, here:

Domain changes will not affect our WordPress Plugins, so you have to do nothing with them. Simply just use them 🙂 !

What is a domain? Should I link all my review sources to one domain?

We recommend reading the following article:

What is a domain and how do I use it?

About reviews

When will new reviews appear?

The trustindex’s background system updates the reviews (downloads new ones) daily:

  • several times in PRO packages
  • once in Free packages

New reviews you may recieve will be displayed on your web page (in the widget) after updating of the given widget. This can happen after manual saving the widget or automatically, based on the widget setting (On the widget edit page, click the “More settings” and search for “refresh rate”)

I have a bad review in the top of review listing? Can I hide it?

You can hide it from your widgets. To omit the bad review from the appearance:

  • use filters (by stars, length…)
  • or use review tagging
  • or hide it in Trustindex review list (

You can not hide it from the review summary page, because it would be a consumer deception.

If the review is a SPAM, you can report it in Trustindex review list ( and also in the platform (ie.:Facebook) itself.

And try to get new (good) reviews to push backward the bad ones.

About packages

What’s free and what is not?

There are several options when you are using Trustindex’s software.

  • Forever free
    • Features: You can connect one of your review sources (for example: Google Business Page, Facebook Page, …) and create a website widget with reviews came from that source.
    • Available only in our WordPress plugin
    • Price: free
      (This solution means no infrastructural costs for us, no extra fee for you. That’s why it is forever free.)
  • Have Trustindex registration, but in free package (so without paid package)
    • Features:
      • Connect many review sources and manage the reviews from there.
      • Create signature widgets based on the downloaded reviews
      • Manage and run “review-requesting” campaings
      • Check you statistics about your online reputation
      • Only limitation: website widgets will display for only 7 days. (You got a 7 day trial after registration)
    • After registration, you will get a 7-day trial. With it, you can try and see the sales power of website widgets based on real reviews. The TRIAL package allows you the same as in the PRO package. When this period is over, your package switched back to simple FREE package.
    • Price: free
  • Have Trustindex registration, in a paid package
    • All feature unlocked!
    • We have several packages with different number of sources  / domains limitations. You can read about them here:
    • Price: starting from 65$ / year (-onboarding discount!)

About WordPress

Widget box does not not appear unless I am logged in to my WordPress page.

The reason is probably your cache plugin. ( For example: Wp Rocket plugin, … ) Solutions:

  1. On the page, you should switch off the “minimize/combine JS” function
    • If you are using WP Rocket: Navigate to “Settings” > “WP Rocket menu” > “File optimization”, scroll to “Excluded Javascript files” and add this:*
  2. Download one of our plugins and with it you can use the shortcode function: you can replace the widget’s script
    <script defer async src=''></script>
    with this:
    [trustindex data-widget-id="e2e741b795c369623f6652f"]
    And that’s all! (Of cource, change the colored widget ID to your own widget’s ID!)

I have a subscription, how can I use the widgets in WordPress?

If you have a subscription in, you can forget the plugins’ “Free Widget Configurator” tab.

Why? In Trustindex, your new reviews will show up automatically, so you should use the contents of that account.

How? There are many ways:

  1. After you have saved a widget in, you will find the WordPress shortcode, what you can copy into your WordPress page/post.
  2. You can connect your Trustindex account with the plugin: just log in under the “Log in” tab. After it, you can embed your widgets, generated in Trustindex account, with a simple click: When you are editing your page or post:
    1. just insert a new content block and earch for “Trustindex”:
      Trustiondex content type in Gutenberg editor
    2. After it, you will find your generated widgets in the select box of the Trustindex block. Select one of them and it will appear in your page/post. Also, you can insert any widget by its ID:

About using Trustindex

What about GDPR?

The issue needs to be examined from two sides.

1. If we display reviews, we will post public information on our own site. In addition, the reviewer stated that (s)he had consented to the communication of data (name, review text, rating, possible photo, etc.) related to his review/recommendation using the given platform. Nevertheless, it is fair to indicate in the privacy statement that reviews about the service / brand may be used for marketing / sales purposes. Data is originated from the origin platform and may be re-posted only unchanged.

Also provide an opportunity to delete the review from your site/campaign and write the steps. For example: By removing it from the platform or making an individual request to the site’s customer service, the review can be removed.

2. If you are running a recommendation / solicitation campaign, you may also want to add to the privacy statement that you will use your customers’ email addresses (after order) up to 2 times for a request. If you are using Trusindex for your campaign, indicate that you are using third-party software (Trustindex) to store your email addresses. Also provide the option to delete that address and describe how and where the email address owner can request it.

What cookies do we use?

Widget usage (when you inserted a widget into your website): only one widget type use cookie: Floating. These are storing technical info about the display state, nothing personal.

Admin usage (when you are using our admin system):
1. Tracking cookies: we are try to know our customers, so we are using Google Analytics and HotJar.
2. Essential cookies: storing technical info about authentication and authorization.