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Respond to Reviews with ChatGPT

Reply to your customer reviews effortlessly with the help of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT provides unique responses to your reviews every single time. All you have to do is one click & let our system generate a personalised response. It’s that easy!

Manage your reputation easily with ChatGPT

Answer to your customer reviews under seconds

automatic review reply with ChstGPT

Unique responses

Our AI generates an individual, personalised response every time – no need to use the same, boring thank-you template for all your customers. Show them you value their time and effort by giving the best response possible.

Boost your online reputation

Show your already existing & potential customers that you care – by answering their reviews and questions with efficiency.

Improve your ratings

Studies have shown that unsatisfied reviewers are more likely to change their mind – and star rating – after receiving helpful responses from business owners.

Save time and cost

Trustindex generates the responses automatically under seconds, so even if you don’t like one, you can always get another unique response with a click of a button.

Simple review management

All it takes to generate a review response is a click of a button. Let our system do its magic and adjust when needed. Your customers love replies that radiate some more effort other than a generic thank-you.

No more general replies

The AI creates responses based on the individual review so you can be sure to get the best personalised answers possible.

How it works

A) Manual Review Management with ChatGPT

Reply to your customers effortlessly every time with our AI in no time!

  1. You’ll see all your reviews listed in the Review Management menu. Click on the Reply button underneath a review.
  2. To use AI for an answer, click on the “Reply with ChatGPT” button.
  3. Voilá! Your review response has been generated in under a few seconds.
  4. Check the text and make adjustments where necessary to make sure you love the response you’re about to give to your customer.

B) Automatic Review Management with ChatGPT

AI review management in 3 steps:

  1. Log in and go to Review Management

  2. Give permission to Trustindex to upload review replies to your platforms

  3. Turn on automatic review replies with ChatGPT

Done! From now on, your new reviews will have professional and unique responses every time.