Email signature widgets

Create custom emails signatures with review widgets

Take full advantage of email marketing. Use review widgets in your email signatures. Thanks to email signatures, thousands of customers and business partners can see your excellent ratings every day.

Promote your online reputation directly in your emails with a sleek design – show off your 5-stars with every email you send.

Make it stand out

Display your 5-stars in your email signatures

Spice up company emails and newsletters with the help of our unique Trustindex email signature widgets, in under just a few minutes.

Show off your Google rating in your signature
Harvest the power of Google

Clients and partners alike can see your shining rating with every farewell, so you can make the best impression possible every single time!

Build reliability with every message
Increase trust every day

Build your reputation with every message and newsletter with our dynamic email signature widgets. It’s mobile-friendly, easy to configure and updates automatically.

Examples of email signature

The attention-grabbing look and concise design tells everything that needs to be said about you and your business. Don’t be shy to show off your review accomplishments in every email, newsletter, order confirmation and so on.

The Process of creating email signature widget

1. Choose a template

Choose one of our signature templates. We offer multiple options so you’ll surely find the one best suited for your emails and newsletters.

2. Data settings

Set up your email signature here. You can personalize the widget with details like:

  • Photo, name and position
  • Contact information
  • Layout
  • Font

3. Choose the platform source

In the Badge section you’re able to pick a review source for the signature widget – the colour scheme and logo will adapt to the chosen platform every time. Enable or disable the footer link if you wish.

4. Footer

Here you can opt to set an attention-grabbing message at the bottom of your widget, such as confidentiality or environmental protection warnings.

5. Preview

Always check the preview box on the right that changes dynamically with every modification you make.

6. Save and paste

After saving you’ll get your personalised shortcode in the right bottom window that you can copy and paste into your emailing software. 

If you need help with inserting the email signature, a link to a guide will also appear in the box after the saving.