Categorize feedback

Tags for reviews

Categorize your reviews with tags based on specific topics and insert your reviews to relevant contents on your website.

This will make your content more authentic.  Your SEO, visit time and sales will increase.

Tag to find

Automatic tagging

Tags allow you to easily track down categorized feedback so you can assess what your customers have to say. A tag created by you will be automatically added on a review that contains the keywords you set for it.

Custom Trustindex Widgets

Display relevant reviews

Showcase your reviews with Trustindex Widgets. By using tags, only those reviews will display in your website widget that have that specific tag you choose.

Real time dashboard

View data at a glance

Work your way through customer feedback in our data dashboard, using tags to filter out relevant information and only manage reviews that contain the tags.

The Process

 1. Create a tag

Take the first step by going to Review Management > Tagging, and add your very first one.

2. Personalize

Make it your own by naming and choosing a color for the tag for easier tracking later on.

3. Automatic assignment

Add the keywords you’d like assigned to a tag: if a review contains the keyword you set here, it will be tagged.
Exclude words: expressions listed here will mean that the tag won’t be assigned to the review if it contains excluded words.

 4. Tag individual reviews

Add tags manually in Review Management so you can break them down into categories

 5. Display reviews with Trustindex Widgets

Trustindex Widgets will showcase reviews on your website and with a tag filter, it will only display the ones that are tagged.

 6. Assess reviews with tags

Navigate the various categories using tags in Review Management