1. Twitter feed widget types
  2. How to embed in any site
  3. Why do I need to embed Twitter Feed Widget?
  4. What makes Twitter feed widget special?
  5. Why choose Trustindex?
  6. 5 Benefits of using the Twitter Feed Widget

With Trustindex, you can easily personalize your Twitter feed widget according to your precise needs. Our diverse selection of customizable options, including layouts, styles, colors, and more, lets you design a Twitter widget that seamlessly blends with your website.

Additionally, our services streamline the process of integrating Twitter posts onto your site, making it a hassle-free experience.

  • Slider – displays your feeds in a cycle
  • Grid – feeds are shown in columns
  • List – display longer texts in one column by listing your feeds
  • Masonry – display feeds in “fluid” arrangement

How to embed Twitter feeds into any website

Trustindex makes it effortless to embed tweets into your website. Our setup process is uncomplicated and straightforward. All you need to do is create a free account and follow our user-friendly instructions.

Below are the steps to initiate the process:

  1. Connect your platforms

Connect your Trustindex account to your social platforms by using the “Connect Platforms” menu. Here, you will need to connect your Twitter page.

After the connection, you can begin creating the Twitter feed widgets.

  1. Create a feed widget

After connecting your social media networks and syncing your Twitter profile, you can start setting up your feed widgets.

Customize the pages of your website with multiple layouts and style options for the Twitter widget.

Preview how a feed widget layout and style will appear on each platform in the configuration, with just a few clicks.

Personalize the feed widget to your preferences after making a choice on layout.

  1. Edit widget style

Once you have chosen your desired style, you will be taken to the Widget Configurator.

There you are able to make all of the necessary adjustments to your Twitter feed widget and its settings.

You will find all the tools here to assemble a feed widget that is ideally suited to your brand and website.

  1. Save and insert

After personalizing the Twitter feed widget, remember to save it and copy the code from the appearing window.

Now all you have to do is embed code into your website – wherever you feel like you want your Twitter page feed to appear.

Why do I need a Twitter Feed Widget?

Boost user engagement

Use our Twitter feeds widget that draws in a larger audience and increases your interaction rates.

More followers and retweets

Use the full range of Twitter actions directly accessible within your feed, offering a fresh approach to promoting your Twitter account.

Testimonial Tweets for higher trust

Highlight positive customer testimonials regarding your offerings on Twitter and present them in an appealing and attractive manner.

Why Choose Trustindex’s Twitter Feed Widget?

Increased engagement, more Twitter followers

Unlock the power of one of the most popular social media platforms for your business with our Twitter page widget.

Showcase your Twitter profile on your website with a custom header and full functionality, captivating users and expanding your follower base.

Alternatively, filter tweets by hashtag to curate selected content for promoting your products or achieving your marketing goals.

Twitter testimonials

Do your customers share their feedback on Twitter? Embed tweets to construct a reliable collection of testimonials for your web page.

It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand’s credibility and make your offers alluring to website users.

Endless customization

Easily customize your Twitter timeline widget to create an engaging user experience with our simple and extensive customization options.

You can choose from a variety of header options, Tweet elements to display and customize the height and width of the widget to make it adaptive to your content.

For personalization, you can change the main color of the widget and display Twitter feeds that match your brand and accentuate active elements.

Why use Trustindex of all others?

Impressive features are just the beginning of the delights in store.

To supercharge your website with all it needs, our dedicated support team is consistently prepared to provide quality assistance and feedback for any inquiry, alongside delivering the latest updates.

Easy to Set Up and Configure

No coding knowledge required, no need to hire a developer – with our interactive dashboard embedding Twitter feeds is just a few clicks, making sure your business can save time and valuable resources.

Completely Customizable

Tailor your Twitter feed manually to match your desired aesthetic, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your website or grab the attention of your users and visitors!


Twitter Feed Widget Pro is designed with mobile devices in consideration, your Twitter feed are displayed nicely on all screen sizes and devices.

Page Speed Optimized

Unlike many social media plugins that can slow down your website by generating numerous external requests, the embedded Twitter feed is built to prioritize performance right from its foundation.

Expert Trustindex Team

With premium support and complimentary feed embedding, we ensure you enjoy the most seamless and trouble-free user experience possible.

5 Benefits of using a Twitter feed widget

There are several benefits to using a Twitter widget on your website:

  1. Increase engagement

By adding a Twitter feed widget, you can increase engagement with your website visitors. This is because it allows them to see your recent tweets and follow your account directly from your website. Sit back, relax, and witness a significant increase in the number of visitors who become Twitter followers.

  1. Provide social proof

Having a Twitter feed widget on your website can provide social proof that your business is active and engaged on social media channels. This can help build trust with potential customers and clients.

  1. Drive traffic

By displaying your recent tweets on your website, you can encourage visitors to click through to your Twitter account and engage with your content there. This can drive Twitter users to your account and increase your overall reach.

  1. Enhance branding

By customizing the appearance of your Twitter widget to match your website’s branding, you can create a cohesive and professional look for your online presence.

  1. Stay current

By automatically updating your latest tweets, a Twitter widget ensures that your website is always displaying a live Twitter feed. This can help keep your website fresh and relevant to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Twitter feed widget?

A Twitter Feed widget is a straightforward tool that enables you to showcase a custom Twitter feed of on your website pages.
Usually, businesses use it to showcase their Twitter content, although some brands may also employ it to display user-generated content (UGC).

Does the Twitter Feed widget offer actions for users, such as Reply, Retweet, Like, and Share?

Our widget is designed to increase engagement, and you have the option to turn these actions on or off depending on your requirements.

Does the Twitter Widget have mobile compatibility?

Yes, our feed widget is optimized to function and appear seamlessly on any device, including smartphones and desktops.

Will Trustindex Twitter widgets work with other page builders and CMS platforms?

Trustindex widgets are compatible with nearly all website builders and CMS platforms, including Adobe Muse, Blogger, Elementor, HTML, Squarespace, and many others.

How do I get a Twitter embed code?

Customize the settings for your Twitter widget to create your unique feed.
Copy the installation widget code provided.
Paste the widget embed code into your website.
Save the changes.
Your Twitter Feed widget is now successfully set up on your website.

Where to display Twitter posts on my website?

Thanks to its adaptable design, our feed widget is highly flexible and can be seamlessly integrated into any section of a website.