How to use Review Widgets to boost sales

In this post, we will show you how to create review widgets and start generating more trust and sales than ever before!

Why use Google Review Widgets?

To display your best reviews, join the 17.000 websites currently using our review widgets and increase your sales by up to 20%. 

In addition to increasing your sales, the widget will also help you increase customer trust and conversions and also help you collect new reviews.

Google is our most popular platform and it’s proven that Google reviews have the biggest impact on sales. Therefore, we recommend that you focus on Google reviews and collect and display them on your website.

examples of review widget

The best review widgets to use

Slider I. with header

review widget in the style - slider I. with header

The slider I. -with header is our most popular product – because with this header you can not only display your ratings but it also helps you to collect them.

It’s also important to note that all of our widgets are fully mobile responsive – so they also help to increase conversions and sales for mobile visitors.

NEW LAYOUT COMING SOON: Slider I. with AI summary

review widget with ai summary

One of our most exciting upcoming features is the new review widget layout: Slider I. with AI summary.

This layout provides you with a short summary created by ChatGPT in the first review card of your slider widget. It summarizes the content of your reviews displayed in your widget in just one sentence – giving your visitors a taste of what they can read about in your reviews.

It’s especially beneficial to use this layout when you have reviews with long texts.

How to create a review widget

This is how you can create the most popular review widget:

1) Add new review widget

After logging in to your Trustindex account, navigate to the Widget Configurator Menu and choose Review Widgets. In the review widgets menu, click on the Add button.

2) Select widget layout

You have several options as we currently offer over 35 different layouts using the following schemas:

  • slider,
  • list,
  • grid,
  • masonry,
  • sidebar,
  • button,
  • badge,
  • and floating widgets.

To select the layout of the widget, just click on the green Select button.

3) Choose your widget style

Currently, we offer over 25 pre-designed widget styles.

Our most popular style is ‘Light background’  – which is currently used by over 8000 businesses.

But if you have a dark or black website, you can find a style that suits you at the bottom of the page.

Simply click on Select again.

4) Customize with Style Editor

After this, you will be taken to the style editor of your widget. Here you can make changes in Your widget’s functionality and design settings.

The Main features are:

  • The rating filter, which you can set to display only your 5-star ratings
  • The language of reviews, which can be set to the one your website uses
  • The ‘Translate reviews’ feature can be turned on so that your reviews will be translated into the language of your choosing
  • With the Rich Snippets setting, your ratings can be displayed on the Google search results list.

Our Other features include:

  • Review Filter settings, where you can choose the review platform source, number of reviews, order, and so on.
  • Header settings – the header can be turned on or off easily
  • Card Format settings – the review card elements can be adjusted
  • Navigation – you can change the way your widget moves
  • Style & Color settings – you can further personalize the color scheme and style of the widget
  • And Other settings, where you can choose the refresh rate of your review widget.

After making any modifications, take a look at the widget preview on the right to make sure it is up to your liking.

5) Save and insert

Finally, click on the Save and get code button on the top right where you will find the shortcode for your own review widget.

Now all you have to do is Copy and paste this code into your website script.

Click here for further help with inserting your widget into your website.

Free workshop for even more success

If you’d like to get to know more about Trustindex’s other features, then sign up for our free, 20-minute workshop where our Expert will show you:

  • Why Google Reviews are important for your business success
  • How to rank higher on Google Maps and search results with the help of reviews
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  • Modern, automatic solutions for review management
  • And how to collect 15+ new reviews every day.

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