How To Create Email Signature with Trustindex

Author: Molnár Gábor

In the following guide I’ll show how you can easily create a breath-taking email signature with Trustindex on your own, in an instant.

Step 1:

On the dashboard, click on “Create e-mail signatures”, or in the menu on the left, choose the Widget Configurator, then click on “Create e-mail signatures”.

Step 2:

Choose the email signature you like the most from our templates.

Step 3:

Now you have the opportunity to provide your personal details and your contact information.

Meanwhile, you’ll see in real-time all the changes you make in the Preview on the right.

After you click on “Save”, a javascript code will appear on the right. You have to copy and paste this code when you set up your email signature in your email software.

If your email software supports rich text format, click on the “Copy formatted text” button, to quickly and easily copy the code to the clipboard.

In the different email softwares, you can add the copied code in different places.




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