How to insert your widget’s code into your site?

Author: Dénes Lekrinszki

In order to display your widgets, all you have to do is paste a small, unique code to your website.

1. Get your widget’s code

  • First create a new website widget in Widget configurator or select one of your saved widget.
  • After your widget is configured, all you have to do is click Save and get code at the top righ corner.
  • Copy one of source code.

2. Insert your code

The first way to insert code is the general way, add it to your website <body> where you would like to display your Trustindex widget(s).

  • First find a good place for widget on your website where you want to display it. It is all your decision.
  • Open the website’s source code with text editor.
  • Make sure that you paste the widget’s code as HTML.
  • Save your file.
  • Check your webpage. That’s all.

For WordPress

If you are going to use your widget on a WordPress website and you have at least one Trustindex plugin installed (

  • Copy the WordPress shortcode.
  • Open your page in edit mode.
  • Paste the shortcode where you want to display your widget.
  • Save your page.
  • If you have Elementor all you have to do is download our extension from
  • Edit your page/post with Elementor.
  • In the top left corner search for Trustindex under Elements.
  • Drag the widget to the site where you want to display your widget.
  • Select your widget type then the widget.
  • Save your page.

For Joomla

  • Open your module or article in editor mode.
  • In the top right corner select Code tab.
  • Paste your widget’s source code to the right place.
  • Save your page.

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