How to use Review Tagging

What is review tagging?

Review tagging in Trustindex involves labeling reviews based on specific keywords or criteria. This tagging process helps you organize the feedback more effectively. We offer two main options: manual tagging and automatic tagging.

the tagging feature in trustindex

Manual tagging

Under the Review Management menu, where all your reviews are listed, you have the option to assign tags under each one manually to quickly organize your feedback.

Automatic tagging

Using automatic tags can make this process a lot easier than manual tagging.

This way, your reviews containing the keywords/expressions you set up under the tag will automatically be assigned to that tag.

How to tag reviews easily

1. Create your tag

This is a fairly simple process:

  1. Simply go to Review Management > Tagging menu and click on Add.
  2. When setting up your tag, you can add a name and choose a color for the tag.

    2A. For manual tagging, stop here and Save.

    2B. For automatic tagging, set up the criteria below these main settings under Automatic assign.

    In Keywords, add words you want your tagged reviews to contain.
    For example, a clinic might want to separate their reviews by the doctors who are mentioned in them, so they can add different keywords under their tags such as ‘Dr. Chan’, ‘Dr. Maryland’, Dr. Doe’, etc.

    Exclude keywords is the opposite: when you define Excluded keywords in a tag, then a review that contains such expressions, will not be automatically added under the tag.
    For example: a company could add their most popular competitors’ names here so reviews that include anything about said competitors will not be listed when the tag is applied.
example of a tag

3. Save and you’re done! Either start tagging manually in Review Management or let automatic tagging take care of the rest for you.

How to use tags in widgets

Tagging not only makes it easier to manage and look through your feedback but can help you out when creating the perfect review widget as well.

  1. Create a tag you intend to use in your website widget – it is up to you if you use manual or automatic tagging.
  2. Save the tag and go over to the Widget configurator menu. Add a new widget.
  3. Once configured, in the widget’s Style Editor, scroll down to Review filter > Review filter & Order > Tag filter.
  4. Check off the tag in the drop-down menu. Only reviews assigned to these tags will appear in the widget!
  5. Save the widget and insert it into your website. Click here if you need help with inserting.

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