Problem solving: collecting reviews

The process

Email collection involves the following process:

  1. we build an email address list, collect addresses
  2. we will send a letter to the members of the mailing list with the primary purpose of asking for an opinion on a platform.
  3. we may remind the buyer that he has not yet commented

Ideas for fine tuning

  1. Satisfied customers are asked to write a review. This guarantees good feedback. How do we know who is satisfied? In the case of electronic shopping, regular customers and returning customers have a good chance of covering the set of satisfied customers.
  2. We offer some kind of gift or discount in exchange for your opinion. (Attention, if the gift is valuable and you want to reduce abuse, the administration / registration of the campaign can be an extra resource!)
  3. We deal with negative opinions. First we fix the problem, then (in exchange for a little extra) we can ask for the negative opinion to be revoked

Webshop implementation

Because webshops typically send notifications about order status chages, there are two ways to handle the task:
  1. Without a Trustindex survey campaign:
    In this case, we will embed our request for an opinion directly in the letter sent by the webshop.
    You should choose this mode if:

    • you do not have a Trustindex subscription
    • you want to minimize the size of your marketing system
    • you can ask for the opinion even after the order/delivery, you do not give customer time to test/try
  2. Using a Trustindex feedback campaign:
    A successful copy notification letter will be forwarded as a blind copy to the unique email address of the Trustindex feedback campaign ( Once you’ve created your campaign, you’ll find this in auto-add mode. You will then be placed in the Trustindex system according to the parameters specified in the address and campaign settings.