Top 6 WordPress Survey Plugin Compared in 2023

Best WordPress survey plugins compared, find the best WordPress survey plugin
  1. What is a WordPress survey plugin?
  2. Best survey plugins: Prices&Rating
  3. 6 Best WordPress survey plugins
  4. What to look for in a WordPress survey plugin
  5. Alternatives to WordPress survey plugins: Survey builders
  6. Conclusion

Are you searching for the top WordPress survey plugin to use on your website?

Surveys are a great way to gather feedback from users, which can help you enhance your business.

With plugins, you can easily add a survey form to your WordPress site and share it with your audience.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best survey plugins available for WordPress.

What is a WordPress survey plugin?

A WordPress survey plugin is a software extension or add-on that allows you to create and manage surveys directly within your WordPress website.

It provides a user-friendly interface and tools that enable you to design, customize, and publish surveys on your website.

These WordPress form plugins typically offer a range of question types, survey templates, and customization options to meet your specific survey requirements.

Why use WordPress survey plugins?

Incorporating a WordPress survey plugin into your business strategy is an excellent way to actively listen to your audience and benefit from their insights.

By simply asking for feedback, you open the door to information and suggestions that you can use to your brand’s advantage.

For instance, sharing surveys may reveal obstacles within your purchasing process that lead to cart abandonment.

With this knowledge, you can prioritize efforts to address and overcome these hurdles, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

Best WordPress survey plugin: Prices & Rating

WP PollsFree4.5
based on 1,200+ reviews
Quiz and Survey MasterFree4.2
based on 800+ reviews
based on 600+ reviews
based on 1,500+ reviews
Gravity Forms$99/year4.8
based on 2,500+ reviews
Formidable Forms$199/year4.4
based on 1,000+reviews

6 Best survey plugins

1.) WP-Polls

If you need a free survey maker plugin to create polls for your users, WP-Polls is a great choice.

It’s simple to use and doesn’t require a form builder.

However, please note that it has some limitations compared to other plugins we will mention here.

The best survey plugin for free

With WP-Polls, you can collect responses using radio buttons or checkboxes, which may be a bit limited in terms of question types.

Once users vote, they can see the poll results right away.

The plugin also keeps a record of user responses in the logs, allowing you to view how registered users voted.

To prevent duplicate votes from non-registered users, WP-Polls shows IP addresses, therefore it is easier to filter out any repeated votes.

Key features of WP-Polls:

  • Easy poll creation
  • Multiple response options
  • Real-time results
  • User response logging
  • IP address tracking

2.) Quiz and Survey Master

create complex forms and surveys with this built in survey tool

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress plugin that specializes in adding quizzes and surveys to your website.

While its user interface may not be the most intuitive, it provides extensive documentation and offers a range of valuable features.

The free version of the plugin allows you to create surveys with various common form fields.

You can even design multi-page surveys to gather more detailed feedback. Additionally, Quiz and Survey Master enables you to incorporate quizzes into your WordPress site, complete with interactive surveys, leaderboards, and scoring mechanisms.

Furthermore, the plugin includes the functionality to send emails to users after they complete a survey.

This feature allows you to express gratitude or redirect them to a specific page on your WordPress website.

However, for advanced reporting and analysis features, you would need to purchase a premium addon separately.

Key features of Quiz and Survey Master:

  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Versatile question types
  • Multi-page surveys
  • Interactive quiz features
  • Email notifications
  • Extensive documentation
  • Premium addons

3.) UserFeedback

Get more survey submissions and survey data with UserFeedback

UserFeedback by MonsterInsights is a fantastic WordPress survey plugin.

With this plugin, you can seamlessly gather feedback from your website visitors when asking them questions in real-time.

The best part is that UserFeedback is incredibly user-friendly.

In just a few minutes, you can create an attractive popup feedback survey that complements the design of your website.

Also, you have the flexibility to place the survey anywhere on your WordPress site using a shortcode.

Alternatively, you can utilize the easy targeting rules offered by the plugin to customize precisely where and when the survey pops up, ensuring it reaches the right audience at the right time.

Use drag and drop builder to create online surveys

The survey plugin provides a range of ready-made templates for different survey types, making it convenient to create surveys for:

  • website feedback,
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys,
  • eCommerce store feedback,
  • B2B satisfaction surveys, and more.

The plugin allows you to ask unlimited questions as well as receive unlimited responses from your audience.

You have the flexibility to include various question types, such as multiple-choice and free-form questions, and even to collect e-mail addresses and star ratings as part of your survey.

UserFeedback simplifies the reporting process by reporting features within your WordPress dashboard therefore you can analyze the survey responses and gain valuable insights.

Additionally, the plugin seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and MonsterInsights, providing you with even more comprehensive data analysis options.

Key features of UserFeedback:

  • Real-time feedback collection
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple survey types
  • Unlimited questions and responses
  • Customization options
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration with analytics tools

4.) WPFroms

WPForms drag and drop website builder as top WordPress survey plugins

WPForms is a WordPress survey form plugin that stands out in the market.

It offers a powerful surveys and polls addon, enabling you to create captivating survey forms.

With the WordPress plugin, you can seamlessly combine the surveys and polls addon with its robust features like conditional logic, multi-page forms, custom notifications, as well as email integration, and more.

Drag and drop advanced forms building

With just a click, you can include text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, ratings, Likert scale, NPS score fields, and more.

The reporting section of WPForms surveys automatically generates visual reports with graphs and charts based on survey responses.

You can easily showcase WordPress surveys and their results on any page using a shortcode or redirect users to the results page after they complete the survey.

One of the standout features of WPForms is that it allows you to enable survey reports for any of your existing forms.

Exporting stunning survey graphs as images for sharing on social media or incorporating into your presentations is easy with WPForms.

You also have the option to print the reports for inclusion in your proposals or pitches.

Another remarkable feature of WPForms is its conversational forms mode.

This mode enhances the form completion experience by creating a more human-like interaction and a more comfortable environment for user feedback.

Key features of WPForms:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Conditional logic
  • Mobile-responsive forms
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Form entry management
  • Form notifications and confirmations
  • Spam protection
  • Multi-page forms and progress bar
  • GDPR compliance

5.) Gravity Forms

Contact form plugin Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a well-established WordPress plugin that has been around for a long time and offers a wide range of add-ons, including one specifically for creating surveys.

It boasts a user-friendly interface and allows you to design various types of forms using its intuitive survey form builder, which includes the option to add a survey field.

However, when it comes to viewing survey results, Gravity Forms limits the visibility to the admin area only.

It doesn’t provide charts or graphs for visualizing the data.

Nevertheless, you can export the survey results as a CSV file, which can then be imported into a WordPress tables plugin to display the results on your website.

Please note that to access the survey addon, you’ll need to subscribe to at least the Elite plan offered by Gravity Forms.

Key features of the WordPress survey plugin:

  • Flexible survey builder
  • Conditional logic
  • Multi-page forms
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Extensive add-ons
  • Entry management and export
  • Email notifications
  • Spam protection
  • Limited entry reports
  • Developer-friendly

6.) Formidable Forms

Drag and drop advanced survey builder

Formidable Forms is an advanced WordPress form plugin that goes beyond basic form creation by offering robust survey and poll features.

With Formidable Forms’ powerful survey form builder, you can create a wide range of online surveys.

It provides all the essential field types found in top-notch survey plugins, such as Likert scales, NPS ratings, star ratings, multiple-choice questions, and more.

Once you’ve gathered valuable customer data through your surveys, Formidable Forms allows you to present the results in visually appealing and customizable reports, graphs, and charts.

With over 300,000 website owners choosing Formidable Forms as their preferred form-building solution, it has gained a strong reputation in the WordPress community.

One of the notable advantages of Formidable Forms is its versatility.

In addition to surveys, you can leverage its advanced features to create other form solutions like calculators, quizzes, and much more.

Key features of Formidable Forms WordPress survey plugin:

  • Drag-and-drop survey form builder
  • Advanced form customization options
  • Conditional logic for dynamic form behavior
  • Multi-page survey forms for improved user experience
  • Integration with popular third-party services
  • Built-in views and graphs for data visualization
  • Entry management and export capabilities
  • Powerful calculation fields and formulas
  • Form scheduling and restrictions
  • Spam protection measures

Bonus: YOP Poll

create a customer satisfaction survey with YOP Poll

The YOP Poll plugin is an excellent choice for those who prefer not to delve into the realm of premium, paid WordPress survey plugins.

This is particularly applicable in scenarios where simple data collection suffices without the need for investing in survey-specific functionalities.

While the free WordPress survey plugin may not boast the most visually appealing design interface, it offers an intuitive user experience, basic templates, and eliminates the need for code manipulation.

The plugin supports both single and multiple-answer options, as well as scheduling and simultaneous operation of multiple surveys.

With YOP Poll, survey and poll design can be easily managed within the WordPress dashboard. You can effortlessly create questions and answer options, while also configuring settings such as the maximum number of votes allowed and the survey’s end date.

Once published, you can conveniently view survey results directly within the dashboard.

What’s particularly convenient is that each of these pages provides customizable settings to align with your own preferences. For example, you can choose to display results as percentages rather than raw numbers.

Additionally, YOP Poll allows you to automatically sort the results before reviewing them, further enhancing your analysis experience.

Key features of YOP Poll WordPress plugin:

  • Free and user-friendly
  • Basic templates
  • Single and multiple-answer options
  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Simultaneous surveys
  • Convenient results viewing
  • Customizable dashboard settings
  • Sorting options

What should you look for in a survey plugin?

Ideally, when it comes to a WordPress survey plugin, it’s important that it doesn’t require any coding skills to create and publish surveys on your website.

Additionally, there are several key elements that I consider essential to ensure that I invest in a survey tool that meets my needs without unnecessary costs.

Here are the crucial elements to consider for your survey operation:

  • Visual or drag-and-drop builders for quick survey form creation with minimal code usage.
  • Aggregated survey results to view survey results with the option to apply filters for important information.
  • Export tools to export compiled data for generating charts and other visualizations in programs like Excel.
  • User interaction buttons and boxes such as text fields and radio buttons to increase user engagement.
  • Prebuilt templates tailored to specific industries or desired outcomes for launching surveys immediately.
  • Responsiveness for viewing and usability on mobile devices, even when embedded on a WordPress site.
  • Real-time survey results to display results to survey participants instantly after they submit their responses.
  • Customization tools to personalize surveys with logos, branded colors, and additional media elements.
  • Embedding and sharing options of surveys on websites or sharing them across various online platforms.
  • Notifications to your team whenever a survey response is submitted.
  • Spam protection to prevent fake submissions by limiting spam and fraudulent responses.
  • Support for unique fields like file uploads or star ratings to gather specific information.
  • Permissions and banning features to prevent duplicate submissions or blocking spammers.

Alternatives to a WordPress survey plugin: Survey builders

We also suggest exploring other survey builders that may not have a dedicated WordPress plugin for direct integration with your website.

This is because many premium survey builders offer a simple code snippet that allows you to embed the surveys you create.

The drawback, however, is that you won’t have access to survey statistics or management tools within the WordPress dashboard.

Nevertheless, alternative survey builders may provide features that better align with your specific requirements.

Here are some examples of survey builders that don’t have WordPress plugins:

  1. SurveyMonkey: Offers a basic free plan, with premium plans starting at $25 per month.
  2. SurveyPlanet: Provides a free version, with premium plans starting at $20 per month.
  3. Google Forms: Offers a free plan (additional features available starting at $6 per month with G Suite).
  4. Typeform: Provides a limited free version, with premium plans starting at $35 per month.

Which is the best WordPress survey plugin- Verdict

In our exploration of various WordPress survey plugins, it’s evident that each plugin has its own strengths and unique features.

However, when it comes to selecting the best WordPress survey plugin, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution with a powerful survey form builder, customizable reports, and visually appealing data visualization, WPForms emerges as a top contender.

Its user-friendly interface and extensive survey features make it an excellent choice for collecting feedback and conducting WordPress surveys.

For those seeking to collect user feedback in real-time and seamless integration with MonsterInsights, UserFeedback offers simplicity and effectiveness.

Its easy-to-use interface and customizable survey options make it a solid choice for engaging with your audience.

If your focus is on creating quizzes and surveys with advanced options, Quiz and Survey Master provides a wide range of features to meet your requirements. Its extensive customization capabilities and quiz-oriented features make it a strong contender for interactive assessments.

Formidable Forms stands out with its advanced capabilities for building survey forms, including calculators, and quizzes. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for businesses that require more than just survey functionality.

Ultimately, your choice of the best WordPress survey plugins is subjective and depends on the specific needs and goals of your website.

Consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, reporting capabilities, integration possibilities, and pricing to make an informed decision.

Whichever plugin you choose, incorporating surveys into your WordPress site will undoubtedly provide valuable insights and enhance your interaction with your audience.

Happy surveying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WordPress have a survey plugin?

Yes, WordPress does have survey plugins available.
These plugins integrate with your WordPress website, allowing you to create and manage surveys directly from your dashboard.
They offer customizable forms, various question types, data analysis tools, and result tracking.
With a survey plugin, you can collect valuable feedback and make informed decisions to improve your business.

Can you embed SurveyMonkey in WordPress?

Yes, you can embed SurveyMonkey surveys in WordPress.
SurveyMonkey provides an embed code that you can easily add to your WordPress website.
Here’s how you can do it:
1.) Create your survey on SurveyMonkey and customize it to your liking.
2.) Once your survey is ready, go to the “Collect Responses” section in SurveyMonkey.
3.) Click on the “Embed” option to get the embed code for your survey.
4.) Copy the embed code provided by SurveyMonkey.
5.) In your WordPress editor, create a new post or page where you want to embed the survey.
6.) Switch the editor to the “Text” or “HTML” mode (rather than the visual mode).
7.) Paste the SurveyMonkey embed code in the desired location within the editor.
8.) Save or publish your post or page.
9.) Preview or view your WordPress website to see the embedded SurveyMonkey survey in action.

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