Problem solving: missing Facebook page from list


When trying to connect Facebook Page to Trustindex, some pages can be missing.


  1. Go to
  2. Search Trustindex and remove it
  3. Now, If you try connect again in Trustindex admin (, Facebook will ask for permission again. In this step you should select all the Facebook Pages you want to connect ( or connected earlier – It is important! )
  4. Save and ready!
    +1 As in the previous steps you have denied data-change between Facebook and Trustindex, -in some cases- you should re-save your widget(s). (Because when saving, widgets are regenerating and they will contains the new permission!) This will work automatically, too, but it may need some time.


This situation occurs because you did not approve missing pages on Facebook during a previous authorization. That is why you needed to delete all the credentials and start the process all over again to force Facebook to ask again.