Facebook Review Widget: what is it good for, how to use it?

Facebook is home to more than 2.80 monthly users, many of whom rely on reviews on the social media platform to inform their purchase decisions. If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to grow your business for free and reach out to hundreds or thousands more customers, you should strongly consider getting a Facebook review widget.

What are Facebook Reviews? 

A Facebook review is a simple star rating-based review that can boost a company’s exposure on the social media platform.


Every time a star rating or review is left on a Facebook business page, the chances that the business will show up on someone else’s feed increases. As such, the likelihood of a new customer stumbling upon the business is much higher.

On the technical side of things, these star ratings are subject to EdgeRank, which is Facebook’s algorithm that determines if something will appear on a news feed or not. The ranking system factors in various things, but is generally favorable towards businesses so it’s in your interest to make the most of it.

Plus, unlike the ads you can create on Facebook, reviews and star ratings can boost your online presence without requiring you to spend a single penny.

How important are Facebook Reviews? Why are they good for your company? 

Facebook reviews aren’t guaranteed to help your business grow, but just like Tripadvisor reviews or Google reviews, they are a free marketing tool you can leverage to get a headstart.

The potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of potential customers through social media platforms like Facebook should prove to be an irresistible opportunity for most.

The more reviews you can accumulate for your business, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to climb the local SEO rankings and show up ahead of your competition. This provides a huge benefit to your potential sales and can give your online presence a huge boost.

What is a Facebook Review Widget, what is it good for? 

A Facebook review widget will allow you to curate and display the best reviews from your Facebook business page on your website.

Why would you want to do that, you might ask.

Well, because it provides social proof for your business and shows potential customers that you are a trusted company. Even just two or three glowing five-star reviews can be all you need to add credibility to your business and make your website more compelling.

How can you get a Facebook Review widget? 

The most common way to get a Facebook review widget is by heading to the WordPress website, where you’ll find a range of widgets that you can install on your WordPress website. 

Trustindex is just one option which offers all kinds of widgets for social reviews and recommendations, including a Facebook review widget.

It’s completely free to download, so you can go ahead and get yours today!

How to use Facebook review widgets?

You can showcase what your customers truly think of your business on your social media by utilizing your reviews and recommendations on your Facebook Page.

With the help of a Facebook review widget, your feedback can serve as powerful social proof and you should use this opportunity to display them on your website.

A widget like this also helps in other ways such as:

  • Building a positive brand presence: a bunch of praising recommendations and 5-star reviews posted by your customers on your social media can showcase your business and increase sales.
  • Generating consumer trust: Facebook is one of the most used platforms that customers check before purchasing from your company. Having reviews and recommendations on your own website will strengthen your brand credibility, generate the customers’ trust and optimize your conversion rates.
  • Lower costs: by adding reviews to your website you can reduce your costs on your AdWords campaigns.

How to use Facebook review widgets on your website?

You could go down the path of simply copying&pasting your feedback from Facebook onto your website… But that requires a lot of effort, continuous updating evey time a new review is posted,   not to mention how it could look suspicious and untrustworthy in the eyes of future customers.

Luckily, with Trustindex you have a plethora of layouts and styles of widgets you could choose from when it comes to picking the right widgets to embed into your website. It makes it easy to handle and display your reviews from Google, or another 23 different kinds of platforms.

Making and embedding the Facebook widget takes about 3 minutes from start to finish – no need for any developer skills for the process. You can personalize your widgets with the many settings we offerc, such as filtering 5-star reviews and changing up the animation, etc.

If you would like to see our widget configuration in action, click here and subscribe for a free trial at Trustindex!>>

Facebook reviews for your WordPress site

In case you used WordPress when creating your website, an easy way might be searching up widget displaying plugins in the search bar. Most plugins are free, with an option to upgrade to a paid version for premium functions. These free plugins, however, often come with limitations such as a definite amount of reviews you can display, or no technical support in cases of issues or bugs.

How to decide which Facebook Review Widget is the best for you? 

Choosing the right Facebook review widget for you can be a tough decision, that’s why it’s important to take many factors into account.

For a start, are you willing to pay for a widget to get premium features or would you prefer a free version?

Do you want to be able to filter your Facebook reviews according to certain criteria?

How much customization do you want for your Facebook review widget?

These are the kinds of questions you need to ask in order to find the perfect Facebook review widget for your business needs.

How to embed Facebook Reviews to your website with Trustindex? 

Embedding Facebook reviews on your website with the Trustindex widget couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is follow these steps, and you’ll have the widget up and running on your website in no time:

  1. First, find and install the Facebook review plugin on the WordPress website’s plugin page.
  1. Next, you’ll have to activate the plugin by selecting the ‘Plugins’ screen on WordPress.

You can then go to the Trustindex.io menu item on the left-hand side of the page to adjust and customize the plugin if you want to change how it is displayed.

At the end of the process, once you have your plugin installed and the widget is working, you will be able to display your Facebook reviews on a WordPress page.

Once you embed the Facebook review, this is what it will look like on the page:

As we’ve already mentioned, there are many customization tools you can play around with so the layout can be changed to suit your website design. As you can see from the drop-down menus above the reviews, there are various display options to choose from.

I got my Facebook review widget. What’s next?

After finding and installing the right widget for your business that displays your Facebook reviews and recommendations, you may take the following steps in order to maximize your efforts. Here are some useful tips:

Respond to your reviews and recommendations

Show your customers how much you appreciate their feedback by replying. Under the Reviews tab of your Facebook page, you can individually respond to your customers experiences.

If you would like to take a closer look on the matter and receive some foolproof tips and practices for answering all kinds of reviews, click here!>>

Pay attention to your Facebook page’s content

Build your business’ Facebook page by regularly posting updates like news, photos, videos, special offers, links, etc. You can also showcase your willingness to engage with your customers by liking, commenting and responding to their activity on your page.

Share your best reviews on social media

Don’t restrict yourself to only sharing reviews on oyur website.

A review’s shelf life is much longer than a general Facebook post. Since reviews serve as a form of user generated content, they are much more powerful than promotional brand content and other adverts.

By sharing the best of the best feedback you will help to drown out any negative noise you might have received.

Utilize the power of Facebook reviews and recommendations

Most companies (rightfully so) think of reviews as the source of valuable consumer feedback – however, they also serve as impactful social proof.

By displaying your business’ Facebook reviews on your website, you can improve your brand’s reputation, boost your conversion rates and earn the trust of your potential customers.