Guide: How do I Find my Reviews on Amazon?

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Amazon reviews are hugely influential for purchase decisions, and as a result they can have a significant impact on a product and company’s reputation. Too many one star ratings and you could lose customer loyalty, but plenty of four star and five star ratings and your sales should skyrocket. Amazon reviews can literally make or break your online reputation.

With that in mind, if you’ve arrived here wondering ‘how do I find my reviews on Amazon’, we’ve got you covered. With so many websites and online retailers using customer reviews these days, it’s easy to get lost in the various interfaces which can be very frustrating.

Why are Amazon Reviews Important for Users? 

Amazon reviews are important for users because they provide a clear indication of what past customers think of the products they purchased. The internet is full of product descriptions that list the features and functionality, which is helpful, but nothing comes close to hearing what a real person has to say about the product.

There’s a reason why word of mouth is still an extremely effective form of marketing even in this digital age we live in: people trust realness. While not every Amazon review you read will be 100% authentic, the vast majority of them are. Most of the reviews are written by the average person who tried out a product and then gave their honest assessment of it.

If Amazon didn’t display reviews and ratings for every product, then browsing the website for many of us would be overwhelming. How could you possibly decide between hundreds of products that claim to do the same thing if you don’t have customer feedback to inform your decision?

The price tag and the company’s reputation matter too, of course, but it’s the consumers who have got their hands on the product that have the most influence on purchase decisions. It’s not always a black and white issue in which the expensive option is always the best option. We need consumers to provide detailed feedback on what the real pros and cons of the product are, rather than relying on what the company claims are the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

There’s also the issue of distrust, since many people aren’t willing to accept everything a company or corporation says as fact. A healthy amount of scepticism is good, and having a broad range of opinions on a product helps you filter out what might be true and what might not be.

As well as being important for the users, Amazon reviews can also be a huge help to those who have products listed on the website. As a seller on Amazon, you need to collect as many reviews as possible if you want your product to rise to the top of the pile. Each review helps boost the product’s status, and in some cases consumers will choose the product with the most reviews even if they aren’t all positive.

The reviews can also help sellers get useful insights into what the main issues are for the customers, which can be valuable feedback to take on board for the development process. It’s very challenging to improve a product without honest feedback from customers who have hands-on experience with it.

Plus, Amazon reviews can help develop customer trust, which is essential for securing future purchases. Every time a customer buys a product from you and leaves a positive review, that’s a glowing endorsement for your business. Each review is an opportunity to market the product to others, and drum up me business, generating more sales in the process.

How do I find my Reviews on Amazon? 

Even as the largest online retailer, Amazon sometimes makes it tricky for the user to navigate the website. If you’re unsure how to find your reviews, you aren’t alone, so let’s take a look at what you need to do.

  • First, open up a browser and head to the Amazon website for your country.
  • Next, click ‘Accounts and Lists’ which will prompt you to login if you haven’t already.
  • Once you’re logged in, go to your account and then scroll down to the section that says ‘Ordering and Shipping preferences’.
  • Now, select the option that says ‘profile’ and then scroll down to the section entitled ‘Community Activity’ and you should see a drop-down menu with the word ‘View’.
  • In this drop-down menu, select the ‘reviews’ button and you will see the reviews.

How Can I Edit my Amazon Reviews? 

Much like the process of finding your reviews, editing reviews requires you to head to your profile in your account. It’s a straightforward process that you can go through with the following steps:

  1. As before, go to ‘Accounts and Lists’, scroll down to ‘Ordering and Shipping preferences’, and then select the option that reads ‘profile’.
  1. In the ‘Community Activity’ section is where you’ll find your reviews displayed, so all you have to do is select the review you wish to edit. 
  1. When you select the review you will be presented with several options, so you can either delete, edit, or hide the review depending on what you’re looking to do.

Can I delete my Amazon Reviews? How to do it? 

Yes, thankfully it is possible to delete your Amazon reviews if you don’t want them to show up on the website anymore. The process is simple, too, just follow these steps and your review will disappear.

  1. To delete your reviews, you’ll first need to head to ‘Accounts and Lists’, then go down until you see ‘Ordering and Shipping preferences’, and finally select the ‘profile’ button.
  1. Now you’re in the profile section, it’s simply a case of navigating to the review you posted in the ‘Community Activity’ section, selecting it, and then choosing to either hide or delete it.