Get to know the functions of Trustindex

Why is customer feedback important?

Survey results clearly show that one of the most important factors when making decisions in online shopping is the presence or absence of credible reviews, their quality and average.

Therefore the positive or negative customer reviews or feedback from clients have a huge impact on us during the last and most important phase of the decision making process when we choose from whom we order the given product.

Statistic: How do online customer reviews affect your opinion of a local business? | Statista

Furthermore, by the automatic collection of customer reviews and client feedback, every enterprise receives unambiguous and straightforward opinion regarding the quality of the product or service which helps the further development of the product and improvement of the service.

The high numbers of automatically collected customer reviews and client feedback help build and strengthen the trust toward the enterprise in the online space in the most effective way.

Due to the above mentioned reasons no significant enterprise can allow itself to ignore the collection of customer reviews and client feedback, and the use of these in the sales process to persuade prospective clients.

Trustindex makes this strategically important work – which would normally require a huge amount of resources – quick and easy.

After registering in a couple of minutes you can start working with the system, which – following the setup and some short adjustments – will be a complete asset in collecting, categorising and displaying business-related Facebook reviews only requiring 10 – 15 minutes of work per week.

How can you collect real customer reviews on Facebook with our help?

Trustindex is easy and quick to install, you do not have to be a developer to embed the widgets on the website displaying the reviews and ratings, you will only need a little bit of technical acumen.

How does Trustindex work?

1. You can send automated emails to your customers collecting reviews after every purchase in order to receive as many genuine ratings as possible to your Facebook Business Page.

2. On our admin surface you can effectively label your current and future ratings both manually and automatically, and you can categorize and filter them based on the labels.

3. The only thing you have left to do (you haven’t had many in the first place) is to filter and display your Facebook reviews on your website, webshop and your landing pages.

List of Trustindex functions:

1. Collecting Facebook reviews automatically

Surveys prove that credible customer and client feedback play a crucial role in purchasing decisions.

Collect reviews from customers and clients automatically and easily, without hiring a developer!

Using our automated review-requesting email system you can significantly increase the number of customer and client reviews on your Facebook page.

2. Tag your Facebook ratings automatically

You cannot manage and categorize your Facebook ratings effectively?
You would like to categorize your new Facebook reviews automatically to display the latest and most relevant feedback on your thematic landing pages?

Using our tag managing system you can tag the latest and older Facebook reviews both manually and automatically as effectively as never before to display the most relevant reviews on your different surfaces.

3. Displaying Facebook reviews on your website

It’s a well known fact that genuine Facebook reviews have a huge impact on us and influence our decisions.
You would like to display and categorize the large number of Facebook ratings and reviews always up-to-date?

By inserting our exquisite widget boxes to its different subpages you will be able to always display the latest most relevant Facebook reviews.

4. Displaying Facebook reviews in your newsletter

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your newsletter?

Jazz up your newsletter by easily inserting our Newsletter Widget Boxes!

By displaying the thematically embedded and categorized Facebook ratings you can further increase the efficiency of your current newsletters.

Displaying Facebook ratings in your email signature.

Would you like an email signature which is not only useful but good looking too?

Jazz up your email correspondence by using our flashy and completely unique email signatures!

Increase the credibility and trustworthiness of your enterprise among your potential clients by sending your emails with Trustindex signatures.

6. Displaying Facebook reviews on your category pages

Display the latest, relevant and filtered Facebook reviews on your different category pages.

It can help the purchasing decision a lot if users can precisely see what kind of feedback you received in the case of a given product or service from your previous clients and customers.

7. Displaying Facebook ratings on your product pages

Display the latest, relevant and filtered Facebook ratings on your different product pages.

The number and quality of Facebook reviews relating to a certain product become the most important on your product pages.

8. Displaying Facebook ratings on your landing pages

Display the latest, relevant and filtered Facebook reviews on your landing pages.

You can display the Facebook ratings and reviews relating to a certain product or service on your landing pages more effectively than ever before.

Improve your sales efficiency by 70% by collecting ratings more effectively and displaying them more precisely and successfully in the sales process.

9. Displaying Facebook reviews in Google searches

You would like to display your Facebook ratings and reviews in the Google search results in the most efficient way, always up-to-date?

Embed our badges and displayers summarizing the reviews to your different sub- and category pages

10. Settings of automatic notification messages

You have unanswered reviews on your Facebook business page?

Set automatic email notifications in our system to be able to instantly react to any Facebook rating and review.

With Trustindex it takes only two clicks to automatically share all the latest positive ratings with your audience. Start your Facebook ads for the reviews showing the most interaction.

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