Instagram Automation: Best Marketing Strategies and Tools in 2023

Instagram automation: the best strategies and tools
  1. What is Instagram automation?
  2. Instagram automation: How to do it?
  3. Best Instagram automation marketing strategies
  4. Best Instagram automation tools
  5. What to consider when choosing an Instagram automation tool
  6. Is Instagram automation good for businesses?
  7. Instagram automation bots
  8. Conclusion

Do you want to know how Instagram automation works?

Nowadays, there is a high demand for Instagram marketing, as social media marketers seek tips and tricks to expand their audience and increase their earnings.

Instagram, a social media platform owned by Meta, is incredibly popular and widely used.

The numbers speak for themselves. Meta and its affiliated platforms have an astonishing 274 billion active users.

This has led marketers, businesses, and individuals focused on brand building and reputation management to search for reliable tools that can help them expand their Instagram accounts.

stats of social media user activity

Although it’s not that easy, let’s take a look at why.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation involves using third-party software to manage an Instagram account, allowing users to automate social interactions and perform tasks like scheduling posts and gathering analytics data.

Instagram automation tools, often in the form of bots, can be programmed to perform various actions based on specific triggers, such as liking posts or leaving comments.

This frees up time for account owners and marketers to focus on more important tasks than their Instagram content.

Although Instagram is a popular platform, using automation tools is not always straightforward.

Similar to how Email Service Providers dislike spam emails, Instagram is also wary of non-human interaction.

The platform actively tries to limit or eliminate automated activity.

You may have noticed instances where your follower count dropped unexpectedly or encountered comments that seemed robotic, like this example:

example of a bot created comment

It’s important to note that there is a fine line between an Instagram bot and Instagram automation tools.

They essentially refer to the same concept of automated functioning on Instagram but with slightly different names.

Instagram automation: How to do it?

While Instagram automation allowed an easier use of the platform, it’s important to note that automating certain actions on Instagram goes against the platform’s terms of service.

Instagram strategy includes actively discouraging and taking measures to prevent automated activity.

However, there are some legitimate automation practices that you can implement to streamline your Instagram management.

Examples of automated Instagram marketing:

  1. Schedule Posts: Use social media management tools like to schedule your Instagram posts in advance. This allows you to plan and maintain a consistent posting schedule without manually publishing each post.
  2. Analytics Tools: Utilize analytics tools to gather insights and track the performance of your Instagram account. These Instagram automation tools provide valuable data on follower growth, engagement rates, and other metrics.
  3. Comment and Like Moderation: Use Instagram’s built-in moderation features to manage comments and likes. You can filter out spam or inappropriate comments by setting up keyword filters or enabling manual approval for comments.

It’s important to respect Instagram’s guidelines and policies while using Instagram automation tools.

Engaging in activities like mass following/unfollowing, automated commenting, or using Instagram bots to perform actions on your behalf can lead to account suspension or other penalties.

It’s always recommended to focus on building genuine connections, providing valuable content, and engaging with your target audience organically on social media platforms.

7 Best Instagram automation marketing strategies

I’m a big fan of Instagram because it’s a social network where people can connect on a more personal level, and the engagement is still good compared to others.

However, using Instagram effectively requires a significant investment of time and social media marketing efforts.

But here’s the good news: by automating certain aspects of your Instagram marketing, you can create excellent content while saving time.

Surprisingly, many marketers are unaware of how to automate their Instagram marketing beyond scheduling a few posts.

However, true automation involves more than just scheduling.

So, let’s explore how you can take advantage of Instagram automation.

#1 Increase shares with story mention automation

Just imagine receiving numerous story mentions on Instagram.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could respond to them all without the hassle of replying individually?

The best part is, by responding to these mentions automatically and with a personal touch, you can build connections and receive even more story mentions, which will help grow your account faster.

Moreover, it aids in increasing your followers and nurturing relationships, instead of attracting fake followers.

Automated story mentions can also be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Running contests
  • Promotional offers
  • Generating more mentions

For example, when you get a story mention, you can send direct messages out from your account.

send bulk direct messages

While you may not be personally responding to Instagram users, the automated Instagram DMs you send are greatly appreciated.

People value the personal touch, and the ability to provide automatic responses helps you foster customer loyalty resulting in more followers on Instagram.

How you can set up story mentions with MobileMonkey:

  1. Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Business Page and link your Facebook Business Page to MobileMonkey.
  2. Log in to your MobileMonkey account and navigate to the “Chatbot” section. Click on “Chat starters” in the top bar.
  3. In the left bar, select “Instagram story mentions” and click on “Create Instagram story mention.”
create authentic engagement with DMs

4. Choose “Instagram story mention” from the drop-down menu to create a new automated response. Craft a response that thanks the user for mentioning you in their story or provide a link to an interesting website. You can also add widgets like images, forms, SMS opt-ins, or attachments.

Instagram stories mentions

5. Depending on the user’s reply (text message, email, phone number, or multiple responses), determine what your automated response will be.

6. Preview your automated response and when you’re ready, send it!

#2 Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Many people are unaware that it’s possible to schedule posts for Instagram in advance. This feature was unavailable for a long time due to restrictions, but now it can be found within Instagram Creator Studio.

The Creator Account offers Instagram tools that allow Instagram users to have better control over their online presence, gain insights into their growth, and manage their messages effectively.

Personally, I find it incredibly helpful to batch-schedule Instagram posts as it saves a significant amount of time.

Creator Studio offers the following features:

  1. Professional Dashboard: This allows you to monitor the performance of your content and access educational resources shared by Instagram.
  2. Growth Insights: These Instagram automation tools provide valuable insights to help you understand which content is driving audience growth.
  3. Advanced Post Scheduling: You can easily fill up your content calendar by scheduling posts for both the Instagram Feed and Instagram TV, enabling you to plan and organize your content in advance.
Automate Instagram posts in calendar

One of the fantastic features of Creator Studio is its social media calendar view, which allows you to see all the content that has been published and scheduled for future publishing.

This is particularly beneficial for social media teams, as it provides an organized overview of the content plan on multiple Instagram accounts.

Once you start using this Instagram marketing tool to post on a schedule in Creator Studio, you’ll realize how much more efficient it is compared to the traditional method of posting one post at a time.

It’s a game-changer that saves you time and simplifies your content management process.

#3 Automate direct messages

As your target audience grows, you’re likely to receive more direct messages (DMs). This can be both exciting and time-consuming.

However, with automation, you can significantly reduce the time spent on DMs.

Ignoring DMs is not the best approach, as 75% of consumers prefer to interact with brands through private messaging. It’s ideal to respond whenever possible.

Instagram audience and other platforms user base

Automated direct messaging offers several benefits:

  1. Welcome Messages: You can set up automated welcome messages to greet anyone who sends you a DM.
  2. Keyword-triggered Replies: Automated replies can be sent based on specific keywords in the DMs. This allows you to address common queries or provide relevant information automatically.
  3. FAQ Answers: Create automated responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in DMs, making it easier to handle common inquiries.

Automated Direct Messaging (ADM) can be used for various purposes, including customer service, account management, and marketing campaigns.

It’s important to note that specific keywords should trigger automated DMs. Sending generic DMs to everyone may appear as spam and won’t be effective. This approach changes how you can incorporate calls to action in Instagram post comments.

Automate Instagram messages on your own account

For instance, you can make a post on Instagram and ask people to leave a comment with a specific phrase or word to receive a free service.

Here’s how to automate messages on your Instagram account:

  1. Link your Insta account to a Facebook Business Page, and then link it to MobileMonkey.
  2. Log in to your MobileMonkey account and navigate to the “Chatbot” section.
  3. Click on “Chat starters” in the top bar.
  4. In the left bar, select “Instagram Welcomer” and create a new one.
  5. Choose the message you want people to automatically receive when they send you a DM on Instagram. You can also enhance the message with widgets like images, forms, SMS opt-ins, or attachments. You can take a look at the example I created for reference.
example of automated message

6. Preview the automated message to ensure it appears as intended.

7. When you’re satisfied, send the message!

#4 Instagram drip campaigns

Have you heard of email drip campaigns? Well, guess what? You can do the same thing on Instagram too!

Instagram drip campaigns take automated DM responses to the next level.

Instead of just sending a single DM, you can send a series of messages with links to your blog or other channels over a span of several days.

For example, you can:

  • Respond to the first message with educational content related to their inquiry.
  • Follow up a few days later with social proof, such as a case study or a short review.
  • Once you have their attention, you can ask them to sign up for your email list or offer a free trial or tool.

Here are a few other ways you can use Instagram drip campaigns:

  • Start lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Send onboarding messages with educational content to engage your followers.
  • Ask questions to segment your audience and retarget them.
  • Run upsell campaigns.
  • Send instant welcome messages to new followers.

Now, let me walk you through setting up an Instagram drip campaign:

  1. Click on “Campaigns” in the top bar, and then select “Drip Campaigns” in the left bar.
  2. Create a new Drip Campaign.
  3. Specify the social media platform, which in this case is Instagram.
how to create drip campaign

4. Choose the audience(s) that should receive the campaign. You can include or exclude specific audiences.

5. Set a schedule for when your drip campaign messages will be sent. You can also determine the time duration before the first message is sent, ranging from minutes to months.

set schedule for drip campaign

6. Create a dialogue and add as many follow-up messages as you want, up to a maximum of 23 hours. If a user responds to any of your messages, the 24-hour clock starts over.

#5 Automate replies to comments

Do you want to know the secret to going viral on Instagram? It’s actually quite similar to other social networks.

It’s not about the number of likes or shares your post receives, but rather the comments.

Anyone can like or share a post, but it takes more effort for someone to leave a thoughtful comment.

Social networks understand this, which is why the more comments you get, the more views your content typically receives.

The best way to encourage more comments is by actively replying to the comments you receive.

And the good news is, you can automate this process while still maintaining a personalized touch.

Here’s how you can set up automated comments on Instagram accounts:

  1. Link your Insta account to a Facebook Business Page, and then link it to MobileMonkey.
  2. Log in to your MobileMonkey account and navigate to the “Chatbot” section. Click on “Chat starters” in the top bar.
  3. In the left bar, select “Instagram comment guard” and create a new one.
  4. Choose the settings for the Comment Guard, such as making it work with all your posts and responding to all comments.
delete comments or reply to them by automation

5. Set a frequency cap if you don’t want the automated responder to engage with users who post multiple comments.

set time interval for user interaction

6. Create a dialogue that will be sent to users who comment on your Instagram post. You can also enhance the message with widgets like images, forms, SMS opt-ins, or attachments.

7. Preview the automated response to ensure it aligns with your intentions.

8. When you’re ready, send it out!

#6 Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are a relatively new feature on Instagram that aims to help other users easily discover recommendations, tips, and other content from their favorite accounts.

Initially, it was limited to certain accounts, but now it’s available for all users regardless of their type.

There are three main types of Guides:

  • posts,
  • places,
  • and products.

What’s great is that Guides can also be shared in stories, expanding the reach of your content.

While it’s not exactly automation like scheduling posts in advance, Instagram Guides offer several advantages for marketers.

First, it’s a cost-effective Instagram automation tool, especially for those with a limited social media marketing budget.

Guides is completely free, and Instagram provides guidance on designing your brand pages and promoting your content.

Second, the curation style of Guides allows you to share informative content in an engaging format. It’s a great way to educate new customers and followers about your brand and how your products or services can enhance their lifestyles.

Third, once you create Guides, they require minimal effort to maintain.

You can create a wealth of valuable content that will remain accessible for users to engage with over time.

Instagram guides example

Lastly, Instagram Guides offer flexibility in terms of format.

You can transform articles into slideshows enriched with images and videos, or create instructional videos that guide viewers through specific tasks.

#7 Connect your Instagram account with TikTok

Cross-promoting your content on social media can have numerous benefits, including reaching a broader audience, attracting more leads, increasing brand awareness, and maximizing the value of your content.

Luckily, Instagram and TikTok can be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to connect your accounts in just a few simple steps.

connect your Instagram and TikTok accounts with just a few clicks:

  1. Go to TikTok and select “edit profile.”
  2. Choose “Instagram” and enter your Instagram username.
  3. Click on “Connect.”

That’s it! You have successfully linked your accounts.

Now, it’s time to start sharing content and leveraging the integration between the two platforms. Here are a couple of ideas to kickstart your cross-promotion strategy:

  • Begin a story on TikTok and continue it on Instagram, or vice versa. This approach is especially effective for projects like decorating, makeovers, recipes, or product testing, where you can showcase the starting point and the end result.
  • Repost your Instagram Reels on TikTok (while adhering to both platforms’ guidelines). However, remember to remove any watermarks from your TikTok content to ensure a seamless experience for your audience.

Regardless of the approach you choose, it’s crucial to consider both audiences and tailor your content to suit each platform’s characteristics and preferences.

5 Best Instagram automation tools

ToolStarting PriceRating
based on 72,000 reviews
based on 1,200 reviews
based on 800+ reviews
based on 500+ reviews
IconsquareCustom pricing4.5
based on 300+ reviews

1.) Canva

Canva automation tool

Creating visually appealing content is crucial on Instagram, where a beautiful and cohesive feed is highly valued.

To achieve this, having access to an image editor and designer is essential. Canva is widely regarded as one of the best and easiest designing tools available, offering a range of features to enhance your visual content.

With Canva, you can choose from a variety of pre-set templates or create your own designs from scratch.

The platform offers unlimited personalization options, allowing you to customize colors, images, fonts, and nearly anything else you can imagine.

Whether you’re designing graphics for social media posts, stories, or your profile, Canva provides a user-friendly interface and a vast array of design elements to help you bring your creative vision to life.

2.) Kicksta

Kicksta automation tool

Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

With its AI capabilities, Kicksta can help you establish genuine and meaningful connections on the platform, leading to improved engagement.

Kicksta offers two pricing plans: premium and standard. Once you select a plan, you can personalize the dashboard to align with your competition, target audience, and brand.

However, it’s important to note that Kicksta’s results may take time to manifest, as the process can be slow and require some patience.

3.) Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes automation tool

This tool focuses on automating the growth of businesses’ Instagram following by targeting popular hashtags that attract a large and valuable portion of their ideal audience.

With Hashtagsforlikes, you can easily search for high-performing hashtags used by your competitors, utilize analytics to track your results and measure the effectiveness of the hashtags you are currently using.

It’s important to note that Hashtagsforlikes complies with Instagram’s Terms and Conditions, ensuring a safe and legitimate approach to hashtag optimization.

4.) Iconsquare

Iconsquare social media managers

As an official Instagram partner, Iconosquare provides advanced analytics for both Instagram and Facebook, saving you time and effort.

With Iconosquare, you can customize a dashboard to display the specific stats you want to track for each connected Instagram profile. Creating automated social media reports can be done in just a few minutes.

The tool offers unique tracking options that are noteworthy, including audience demographics such as age, gender, and location, as well as tracking website clicks originating from Instagram.

Iconosquare covers traditional metrics like Instagram likes and follower count, and it provides historical data to compare your account’s progress over time.

With Iconosquare, you have the flexibility to select custom date ranges for all your reports.

5.) Inflact

Infact marketing tool for Instagram

Inflact is a user-friendly Instagram automation tool that simplifies various tasks like bulk direct messaging, auto-following/unfollowing, post-scheduling, and targeted engagement.

With customizable features and a smart unfollow function, it helps you manage your account effectively.

You can perform over 1250 auto likes and follows daily and utilize a single direct chat for multiple social media accounts.

Remember to use automation tools responsibly to avoid any negative consequences on your account.

What should you consider when choosing a tool for Instagram marketing?

Instagram automation tools can be a game-changer for marketers who want to save time and achieve their goals more efficiently.

When choosing the right Instagram automation tool, a few key factors must be considered.

🔎 Publishing Automation

Look for tools that allow you to schedule posts in advance, optimizing your content for maximum engagement. This includes features like determining the best posting time and suggesting relevant hashtags.

🔎 Engagement Automation

Consider tools that can help you interact with other users by liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing. Tracking engagement metrics can also provide insights into your audience’s preferences.

🔎 Pricing Options

Take advantage of free trials to test the tool before committing to a paid subscription. Pay-as-you-go and annual payment options are also worth considering based on your needs.

🔎 Reviews and Feedback

Read reviews to get an idea of the tool’s performance and user satisfaction. Pay attention to recurring negative feedback, as it may indicate issues that could affect your experience.

🔎 Adherence to Instagram Terms of Service

Ensure that the Instagram automation tool complies with Instagram’s guidelines to avoid any penalties or account bans.

🔎 Compatibility with Other Platforms

Look for tools that integrate well with other social media platforms, allowing you to streamline your content management and reach a wider audience.

🔎 Quality and Targeting of Followers

Choose an Instagram automation tool that helps you attract real and engaged followers. Quality followers are more likely to interact with your content and contribute to organic growth.

Is Instagram automation good for your business?

Instagram automation tools, like any other automation tool, have their pros and cons. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of using them.


✅ Save time

Automation tools are designed to save time and resources. They can help social media marketers target users more efficiently, leading to increased engagement and better lead generation.

✅ Data insights

Automation tools can uncover valuable insights about your audience. Instagram bots can detect patterns and preferences that may go unnoticed by the human eye. This data can help you personalize your content and attract new followers.


❌ Potential spammy behavior

Instagram has strict guidelines against automated messages. Automating comments may come across as spammy. Instagram may flag your social media account for suspicious activity or even ban it.

❌ Limited personalization

Automation tools lack the personal touch that comes with genuine human interaction. Some Instagram interactions require a personal touch and can’t be effectively handled by a bot.

❌ Risk of missing important interactions

Relying solely on automation can cause you to miss out on crucial interactions. It’s essential for marketers to spend time personally engaging with their audience to gain in-depth knowledge.

Instagram automation bots: Pros & Cons

Using Instagram bots carries some risks due to their unique nature.

Unlike other automation tools like email marketing platforms, where triggers and messages are predetermined. Automating interactions on multiple social media platforms may be perceived as inauthentic by your audience.

Many Instagram influencers have criticized this approach.

However, it’s important to note that not all actions on Instagram should be automated, and using automation tools for Instagram doesn’t necessarily lead to being banned from the platform or brand damage.

It’s a matter of using automation strategically and in moderation to maintain meaningful and authentic connections while still benefiting from the time-saving advantages it offers.

Most frontend Instagram automation tools can be considered bots, which probably brings up bad responses.

Instagram bots accounts following

This bot is designed with the concept that if you follow others in your industry, they are more likely to follow you back.

By building connections with people in the same field, you increase the chances of them discovering your page and ultimately gaining more followers.

Instagram bots comments

This bot utilizes comments and likes on your business posts to encourage people to engage with your content.

It employs a strategic approach known as crowd mentality, which leverages the tendency of people to gather and participate in engaging content quickly.

Automatic Instagram likes

This Instagram bot engages with posts from influencers in your industry by liking and commenting on them.

The frontend automation tools are designed to mimic human behavior by automatically liking posts based on certain criteria or hashtags

It’s a valuable strategy to collaborate with industry influencers and make your brand appear more active and involved.


Instagram automation is a game-changer that simplifies your life.

We all know that being active on Instagram is crucial for growing your brand, but it can be time-consuming and distract you from other important responsibilities like reaching out to people and creating content.

By using Instagram automation, you can handle the behind-the-scenes and front-end tasks of managing your social media account without needing to hire a dedicated manager or virtual assistant.

The beauty of automation is that it boosts your productivity.

You can focus on building a stronger community, fostering customer loyalty, and dedicating more time to important tasks while automation takes care of the rest.

It’s a win-win situation that makes your Instagram journey smoother and more efficient.

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