How to manage your reviews with ChatGPT

Reply to your customer reviews effortlessly with the help of ChatGPT.

How does AI Reply work?

With the AI Reply feature by Trustindex, you can manage your reviews automatically. ChatGPT provides unique responses to your reviews every single time. All you have to do is one click & let our system generate personalized responses for your reviews. It’s that easy!

Reply with ChatGPT to your reviews

How to generate review replies with ChatGPT

Reply to your customers effortlessly every time with our AI in no time!

  1. You’ll see all your reviews listed in the Review Management menu. Click on the Reply with ChatGPT button underneath a review.
  2. Voilá! Your review response has been generated in under a few seconds.
  3. Check out the reply and make adjustments if necessary, before confirming with the Upload button.

How to set up automatic replies with ChatGPT for all reviews

To set up automatic review replies for all future incoming reviews, follow these steps:

add permission for autoamtic review replies with ChatGPT
  1. Permit Trustindex to upload review replies automatically to your connected platforms. You can do this in the Review Management menu, at the top of the page.
  2. Turn on the automatic replies here as well.
  3. To modify any permissions regarding AI Reply, go to Company Settings > Settings > Review reply system.

How to customize AI Replies

You have the ability to personalize your AI Reply experience under Company Settings > Settings > Review reply system.

review reply system customization menu

Here you can:

  • choose tonality,
  • length of reply,
  • use of emojis,
  • add preferred keywords
  • turn on and off the automatic feature
  • add or revoke permission from your review platforms

Benefits of using AI Reply

  1. Individual, personalised response every time 
  2. Show customers that you care by answering their reviews with efficiency
  3. Save time and money by automatizing the review management for your business
  4. Become a pro at review management and customer care without effort
  5. Very quick and easy setup process
  6. Customizable settings make it easy to tailor AI Reply to your company

If you need help regarding AI Reply, feel free to reach out to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI Reply work?

ChatGPT generates an individual, personalised response every time with just one click. The generated response can then be either edited or regenerated.

What platforms can I use AI Reply on?

Currently on Google, Facebook and Trustindex reviews.

Why would I need ChatGPT to respond?

No need to use the same, boring thank-you template for all your customers. Show them you value their time and effort by giving the best response possible. It’s an easy and professional solution for your business.

Is it free?

Yes, subscribers of Trustindex can use the AI Reply feature free of charge.

Can I edit or regenerate the response?

Yes, if you’re not quite satisfied with your created reply, you can either regenerate or edit manually.

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