How to Get the URL of an Image – Tips and Tricks 2023

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  1. Access image address
  2. How to copy image’s URL
  3. Make URL for PC images

You need to know how to find the image URL if you want to put a picture on a webpage or download it to your computer.

This article will show you how to get any image’s URL from Google Images or any sites using any web browser.

Image URL: quick guide to access

  • In Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera browsers, you can retrieve the image URL by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Copy Image Link“.
  • In Edge browser, you can get the image URL by right-clicking on the image and choosing “Copy image link” (not “Copy picture”).

What is a URL?

Every image that you find on the internet has a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which is the specific web address that links to that image (like :×1024.png)

We will show you how to copy an image’s URL and paste it into a text editor, email, or new browser window, so that anyone can open and view the image from its original source link. As a bonus, you will know how to make a URL for your PC images.

These instructions can be used on both PC and Mac computers for most browsers.

3 easy steps to copy image address in 5 web browsers


  1. Get the image address you want to copy
image of google chrome showing picture of seaside

2. Right click on the selected image and click “Copy image address”

image of how to copy image URL in chrome

3. Paste it in an e-mail or your browsers window

image of copied URL in e-mail
image of google search engine home page


  1. Select the image you want to copy
  2. Right click on the image and click on “Copy image address”
  3. Paste the copied address into an email, text editor, or a new browser window.

3)Copy image location in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to the image you want to copy
  2. Right click and select “Copy image link”
click on the image and copy URL in Mozilla

3. Paste the copied address into an email, text editor, or a new browser window.

4)Copy image location in Microsoft Edge

  1. Find the image you want to copy the address of
  2. Right click on the image and click on “Copy Image Link”
click on the image of Edge browser and copy image link

3. Paste into e-mail, new browser window or text editor.

5) Copy image location in Opera

  1. Select the image you want to copy
  2. Right click and then “Copy image link”
  3. Paste it in the browser’s address bar or e-mail.

Important: If you copy an image’s address (URL), the person who owns the website can decide to remove that image anytime. So, if the image is important and copyright allows, it’s a good idea to save it to your computer.

How to copy image URL on mobile device

  1. Find an image you want to copy
image of google images result on mobile device

2. Select it and click on the share icon, then click on ‘Copy

image of  how to share and copy image on mobile device

3. Paste the image URL in a new tab

Make URL for your PC images

We share our photos in various ways, like on social media or with our coworkers. If you want to use a picture for something, it’s important to know how to make a special kind of web address called the image URL. Here are two common ways to make an address for photos on your computer.

1. Professional

If you’re doing something for work or business, like making a portfolio or a project, you’ll need a professional address for your picture. These websites will create the web link a.k.a. image URL for you to share with important people you work with.

  • Digital asset management (DAM) is one of the best ways to make web addresses images. It’s designed for businesses and offers the safest way to share picture links. DAM is also great for companies that need to store a ton of images.
  • 500px is a webpage for creating addresses for important photos, like those in portfolios or for business projects. A cool thing about 500px is that it has a tool that shows how well your photographs and portfolios are doing. Disclaimer, you have to pay before you can upload your photos.
  • SmugMug is the top website for photographers to make a link for their photos, especially if they’re sharing them in a portfolio or with clients. It’s made for professional photographers who need their images to look their best. The page also has unlimited storage and free trial.

2. For social media

The easiest way to make an web link for a picture on your computer is to use an image hosting service. If you want to share the picture with friends or family on social media, here are three websites you can use for image hosting services.

  • Imgur is a website that lets you generate an address for your picture quickly. Here’s how you can do it: go to the Imgur page and click the green ‘New Post’ button at the top left of the page. This will take you to a new page where you can upload your picture and get an address for it. Keep in mind, Imgur is made for sharing a photo with others. Therefore, it’s best for social media.
  • Flickr is an image hosting service that requires you to sign up before you can upload a photo and make web addresses for them. This can be good or bad depending on how important security is to you. To get started, sign up for an account. Then, click on the cloud icon to upload a photo. With the ‘choose photographs and videos to upload’ button, find the picture you want to make an address for, and open it.
  • PostImage is one of the image hosting services that lets you create an address for your photo without any extra steps. To upload your photo to the site, go to PostImage and click the ‘Choose images’ button. Then click ‘Open’ and share the web address that you get.


What is the URL of a photo?

URLs for direct pictures are the exact location on the internet of photos. They often end with the usual photo extension such as: Jpgs,. PNGs, or GIFs.

How do I extract all the URL of an image from a website?

The photos will be identified by searching a website’s URL pattern using this method. This enables you to open a picture in another tab. Open it with the same right-click menu options and proceed to the Image URL.

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