Hide or mark reviews as spam

Author: Tom

Sometimes, unwanted reviews (spam, unwanted advertisements, etc.) may appear in your review collection, therefore, in your review widgets. What can you do in these cases?

  1. If a review is a spam or an advertisement
    Generally, on the source platform, you can report or mark these reviews as spam. Sooner or later these requests are verified and evaluated. If they consider the review as inappropriate, they will remove it. Unfortunately, this may take a lot of time, as not all platforms have the capacity to handle these tasks (yet). Then, the review disappears from Trustindex, too.

    In parallel, to accelerate the process, you can mark the review as spam also on Trustindex. (https://admin.trustindex.io/review) We evaluate these requests in 1 day, and in the case of a real reason, the
    review in question:
    • will disappear from the widgets, even if the eventual filters would allow its display.
    • will be marked as spam on the company’s review summary page.
    • will be reported on the source platform by Trustindex (hopefully accelerating their verification
  2. If a review is simply not presentable
    If the review is real, but you don’t want to display it on your page for some reason (e.g. it contains obscene expressions), you can use the “Hide” function. In this case:
    • the review disappears from the widgets.
    • no change will appear on the review summary page and on the original platform (where the review came from).


  • If we haven’t considered a review as spam, you can’t report it again. If you think that we made a wrong decision, you can contact us via our support team. (Don’t forget to send us the identification of the review and a description of your reasons.)
  • The “Spam” marking can be revoked until the end of the verification process.
  • The “Hide” function can be used and revoked at any time.
  • If you want to remove those hidden reviews from your widgets, you should make a simple save on the selected widget edit page, unless you can wait until the widget automatically (re-)generates itself.

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