Final Transfer: A Step-by-step Guide

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Final Transfer function in the list of sources on the Connected Platforms page.

What is Final Transfer for?

This feature was created so that if, for some reason, you want to leave the original review platform, but you don’t want to lose the reviews you have collected so far, you can use the “Final Transfer” function.

With this process:

  • you agree to transfer your reviews to Trusindex permanently (the reviews remain as they are on their original platform but in the Trustindex system, they will be listed as Trustindex reviews)
  • you close the connection between the old platform and Trustindex (so it will not be updated anymore, no new reviews will sync with your account and widgets)

Final Transfer is irreversible, as you agree to permanently terminate the connection with the original platform.

After the Final Transfer is completed, you have the option to collect reviews on your company’s public Trustindex Review Summary Page.

The Final Transfer conditions

Before finalizing the process, you must read and agree to the Final Transfer’s conditions, which are:

  • You can no longer delete the transferred source
  • You can not reattach the transferred source
  • The transferred source will connect to Trustindex, therefore they will show up as Trustindex reviews
  • The original source will no longer be updated after the Final Transfer is done (so if you receive new reviews on the old platform, these will not sync and show up in the system)

How to do a Final Transfer

In this example, we will look at how to do a Final Transfer on Google reviews.

1) Go to the source in the list on the Connected Platforms page and find your Google source. On the right side of the listing, you’ll see a blue icon like this:

Connected sources in your account

2) Click on the blue Final Transfer icon, and the process conditions will pop up. Read the confirmation carefully. By checking in the boxes, you agree that you’ve fully read the conditions.

pop-up confirmation

Check all the boxes you’ve read and understood and click on Final Transfer (the button only becomes clickable after checking all the conditions).

3) When the transfer is completed, you are done. The Google source looks like this after:

completed Final Transfer of Google reviews

As you can see, now the Google source’s numbers are transferred over to the Trustindex source – they count as Trustindex reviews from now on.

4) After the successful transfer, you can see that your “old reviews” now show up as Trustindex reviews.

trustindex review summary page

What platforms can I do a Final Transfer on?

You may request the transfer of the following review platforms:

  • Google
  • Tripadvisor
  • Bookatable
  • Sitejabber
  • Reviewsio
  • Stampedio
  • Ekomi
  • Yotpo
  • …etc.

Advantages of collecting reviews directly through Trustindex

Instant syncing

Reviews left through your Trustindex Review Summary Page show up instantly in the system.

Updated reviews

Trustindex reviews sync immediately so no need to wait for an edited review to update on your feed.

Easy review posting for customers

All your customers need to leave you a glowing review is an email address – no need for Google, Facebook, etc. accounts.

Easy management

Managing your Trustindex reviews is effortless in the Review Management menu.

Review Summary Page

Your potential and already existing customers can check all your reviews in one place on your company’s Review Summary Page.

Constant support

Our support team is here for you every weekday from 9 am – 5 pm CET.

Reversing the Final Transfer

As mentioned above, the process is irreversible for users.

However, in justified cases, if you accidentally made a mistake and want to undo it, you can reach out to our Support Team at and request help with reversing the transferred source.

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