15 Best Coming Soon Website Templates for WordPress in 2023

15 Best coming soon website templates for WordPress, build an design your coming soon landing page
  1. Why set a coming soon page?
  2. 15 Best coming soon website templates
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Are you looking for the best coming soon website templates?

If your website isn’t ready yet, a “Coming Soon” page can help generate excitement and capture leads before the official launch.

Instead of spending a lot of time designing a temporary landing page, you can use pre-made Coming Soon templates to make the process easier.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best templates for creating Under Construction and Coming Soon pages on your upcoming site on WordPress.

These templates are compatible with various plugins and page builders, which can be easily installed on your WordPress site.

To make it easier to understand, we will categorize the templates based on the builder they are compatible with.

Why should you set a coming soon page?

coming soon page usage

Setting up a “Coming Soon” page for your new website offers several benefits:

  • Build anticipation and excitement.
  • Capture leads by collecting visitor information.
  • Establish an online presence even before your website is complete.
  • Improve search engine rankings through early indexing.
  • Gather valuable feedback from your target audience.

Now let’s begin and look at our selection of the best templates for your new website.

Best coming soon website templates & their website builders

Website BuilderPriceRating
based on 100+ reviews
Beaver Builder$994.5
based on 500+ reviews
based on 1,000+ reviews
Divi Builder$2494.6
based on 800+ reviews
based on 600+ reviews


LightStart coming soon landing page builder

LightStart is a free tool that helps you create landing pages, including “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode” pages from head start.

It offers various website templates that you can customize without needing to know how to code, thanks to its user-friendly Block Editor.

To use these HTML templates, simply install the LightStart plugin from WordPress.org. It’s free!

Now, let’s explore some of the top landing page options available to you.

1.) Coming Soon Countdown

this template tells visitors to expect zour page coming soon

Among the templates provided by LightStart, there is a specific one for creating a “Coming Soon” page.

This template includes a countdown timer that displays the time remaining until your website launch.

Additionally, you have the ability to add social links to your profiles, allowing future customers to connect with you on various platforms.

If you have a fixed launch date for your website, this coming soon template can be a great choice.

Like all the other website templates offered by LightStart, it uses a plugin called Otter Blocks.

Otter Block helps your business build a professional coming soon landing page with minimal effort

This plugin provides a range of building blocks that you can use to customize every aspect of the coming soon template.

With the Block Editor, you have the freedom to personalize the design and content of the landing page according to your preferences.

2.) Coming Soon Discount Offer

Coming soon discount template

To generate leads for your website during its construction phase, offering discounts on future purchases is an effective strategy.

LightStart’s coming soon template includes a subscription form and a customizable offer for promoting your products or services.

3.) Website Under Maintenance

website under maintenance LightStart coming soon template

An “Under Construction” website template should not only inform users that your website will be live soon but also provide them with a way to contact you simply through a subscribe button.

LightStart offers a construction page template with a great responsive design.

It includes a simple subscription form and social media icons directing to your profile allowing you to save time when connecting to potential customers.

To customize the coming soon template, you can easily use the Block Editor to change the text from “under maintenance” to “under construction.”

Additionally, it is recommended to add your logo to enhance brand visibility and create a cohesive identity for your site.

4.) Simple Website Under Maintenance

website templates to notify visitors of  maintenance

If you’re looking for a fully responsive landing page, this coming soon template is perfect for you.

It tells visitors, that your site will be launching soon, delivering a clear message.

Moreover, this landing page can also be used as social media links.

By doing so, you can keep them informed about the progress of your project and maintain engagement with your audience.

5.) Colorful Coming Soon Countdown

coming soon template for landing page

Coming Soon templates no longer need to be dull.

This template employs a vibrant gradient color scheme background that can give a professional look to your page while making it truly eye-catching.

Remember, with LightStart, you have the flexibility to effortlessly switch between templates.

What’s more, the plugin is entirely free, granting you full access to all the templates we have showcased thus far, and even more in the future.

Beaver Builder

Beaver builder coming soon landing page builder

Beaver Builder holds a special place among our preferred WordPress page builders.

Although its template library may appear slightly more limited compared to other alternatives, it does offer a collection of remarkable designs specifically tailored for Coming Soon pages.

6.) Coming Soon Template

collect email addresses from visitors with this coming soon template

By utilizing Beaver Builder, you gain the ability to import and utilize this specific Coming Soon template effortlessly while editing your page.

This design showcases an animated background accompanied by an overlay that incorporates an email signup form.

To personalize the template, simply modify the tagline and include your logo.

Additionally, you can customize the colors and typography to ensure that the page harmonizes with your brand identity.

With Beaver Builder, making all these adjustments should only consume a few minutes of your time.


Elementor coming soon landing page builder

Elementor is a well-known plugin for WordPress that lets you easily build various types of websites.

It offers a vast collection of ready-made site demos and page templates, including options specifically designed for Under Construction and Coming Soon pages.

Here are a few Elementor templates you can choose from:

7.) Keep Me Posted

coming soon landing page template images

This Coming Soon template is an excellent fit for contemporary websites.

Although originally designed for a magazine, it can also be adapted for blogs, portfolios, and even online stores.

It’s particularly well-suited if you prefer a page layout with a horizontal orientation.

8.) Something Good is Cooking

template food blog visitors

If you’re creating a food blog, this Coming Soon page template is perfect for you.

It features an email signup form that allows you to keep users informed about the site’s progress.

Additionally, you have the option to customize the tagline, add your own logo, and choose a different image to further personalize the design.

9.) Under Construction

Coming soon landing page for zour business site

This Under Construction template offers remarkable versatility.

You can effortlessly replace the images with your own media and modify the background color using Elementor.

The template includes a convenient email signup form for collecting leads.

Additionally, it features links to your social media profiles, although we suggest increasing the size of the icons for better visibility.

10.) Under Construction Countdown

great coming soon landing page template from Elementor

This Elementor website template offers a modern and sleek design, featuring a seamlessly integrated countdown timer that blends harmoniously with the background.

The distinctive contact form design sets it apart from conventional website layouts, allowing your landing page to stand out.

This design is particularly suitable for tech businesses and corporations.

If you desire a slightly different visual style, you have the flexibility to customize the template’s colors using Elementor.

Divi Builder

Divi coming soon landing page builder

Divi Builder is a highly acclaimed WordPress builder that can be accessed either as a standalone plugin, compatible with any theme, or as part of the Divi theme.

This powerful builder grants you access to an extensive library of complete website designs and landing page templates for WordPress.

Now, let’s explore some of the finest Coming Soon templates provided by Divi Builder:

11.) Coming Soon Video Game

Divi video game coming soon landing page template

Before the launch of any upcoming video game, generating excitement is crucial.

Having a dedicated landing page allows you to share vital information about your game, including trailers.

Moreover, it enables you to collect an email list and notify users when the product is ready.

Divi offers a specialized Coming Soon template designed specifically for video game websites, but it can be easily adapted for any type of product launch.

With the flexible Divi Builder, you have the freedom to customize every element within the template.

12.) Coming Soon Notification

Notify me coming soon landing page template

Typically, Coming Soon pages with signup forms treat them as secondary elements, not the main focus.

However, this unique Divi template breaks the mold.

The primary objective of this template is to maximize lead generation prior to a product or website launch.

Additionally, it features a fully-functional countdown timer, making it an excellent choice when you have a specific launch date in mind.

13.) Undergoing Maintenance

Perfect way to notify visitors of your site with this template

This Divi Maintenance Mode template offers a simple and versatile design that can also serve as an Under Construction page.

It effectively communicates to users that the landing page is currently unavailable.

Additionally, it provides sections where you can add more details about the issue at hand and provide an estimated timeline for when the site will be operational again.

These sections can also be utilized to inform visitors about your products or services.

Moreover, the Contact Us button can be configured to direct users to an email client of your preference.


Avada theme and template builder

Avada is a highly popular theme in the WordPress market, bundled with the powerful Theme Fusion builder.

This integrated builder provides access to numerous coming soon page designs, including the following Coming Soon templates.

To utilize these templates, simply purchase and install the Avada theme on your website.

14.) Extended Coming Soon Templates

Product launch coming soon page

This Avada template showcases a captivating hero header, effectively informing users about the upcoming launch of your product or website. It includes a lead collection form and dedicated sections where you can share additional details about your forthcoming product.

This design is ideal if you intend to provide users with comprehensive information, including a feature list and pricing details. Furthermore, Avada empowers you to customize every aspect of the design, allowing for full personalization.

15.) Countdown to Launch

professional countdown display for your visitors

This Avada Coming Soon template offers a unique take on countdown pages.

It presents a full image background, which you can easily replace with a relevant photograph corresponding to your upcoming website.

Alongside an email signup form, users are greeted with a clean countdown to the launch.

The only element the design lacks is links to social media profiles, which you can manually add to further enhance the template

Get these coming soon website templates

Coming Soon templates can be a valuable time-saving tool, allowing you to focus more on completing your website.

usage of coming soon page in 2023

If you’re using a landing page builder, you’ll likely have a wide range of options for Coming Soon and Under Construction templates.

However, if you prefer not to use a comprehensive landing page builder solely for accessing Coming Soon templates, we recommend checking out LightStart.

This free plugin provides an extensive collection of designs that can be fully customized using the native WordPress Block Editor.

Furthermore, LightStart can also be utilized to put your WordPress site into maintenance mode, making it a useful tool even after your launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be on a coming soon page?

A coming soon page usually consists of a clear message informing potential customers that the website is currently under construction or nearing its launch.
It often includes an estimated launch date or timeframe to create anticipation.
The coming soon page typically features a visually appealing design or background image to make a positive impression.
Optional components may include an email signup form for interested users, links to social media profiles, and brief information about the website’s purpose or offerings.

What does coming soon mean on a website?

“Coming soon” on a website typically means that the website is not yet fully launched or ready for public access, but it is in the process of being developed and will be available soon.

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