How to make offers on your Review Summary Page

What is an Offer?

This is a designated place for you to create a link with a unique title and content on your business’ Review Summary Page. It shows up near the top of the page, directly above your reviews in the shape of an attention-grabbing box, in which you can find the offer’s title and content on the left and a button on the right side which re-directs the curious customers to the website of your choosing.

Why is it useful?

The answer is simple: 86% of your customers will check your online reviews before making a purchase decision.

As soon as your potential customers see your review widget on your business’ website, they will become more curious. It takes them only one click to access your Review Summary Page.

Clicking the button in the offer then takes your customers back to your own website to explore the discount.

This is exaclty why it is advantageous – and profitable – if you have different, unique offers showcased for those who are interested! Convert your potential customers to real ones easily, since nobody would say no to a great discount!

Listing the Offer

You can manage your offers from the admin page. After logging in you can find it on the left side menu under ‘Review Summary Page’ >>> ‘Offers’.

  • This is where you can create new offers
  • And where you can access previous offers which you can edit or delete.

In the table, basic statistics help you to find out how desirable your offers are: how many times did it display, how many clicks did it get, and the percentages of this data.

Creating the Offer

Under the listed offer you will find the ‘Add’ button. By clicking this you will find yourself on the page that allows you to add a brand new offer to your existing ones. You can add the following things to the offer:

  • Title: appears on the top of the offer
  • Offer: a more detailed description of the offer, right under the title
  • Redirect URL: the URL that the customer will be redirected to upon clicking the button. These are the clicks that are counted on the offer listing page, so you will know exactly how many visitors were redirected to the link.
  • Language: you can choose the language of the offer. This way you can create multiple offer listings with the same content in different languages. These offers will then display the correct offer based on the language settings of the Review Summary Page. If you want your offer to match the Summary Page in every language, we advise you to set it to ‘all languages’. If you create two separate offers with the settings on a certain language and ‘all languages’, the specified language offer will display first. For example: if the Summary Page is set to English, and you have offers with English language settings and ‘all languages’ settings, the English one will display.
  • Available: by setting a starting and ending date for the offer, you can specify the availability of it on the Review Summary Page. If you don’t specify an ending date, it will display until you delete it or set a date. For example: an offer set from 2021-06-01 to 2021-06-08 will be available on the 1st but not anymore on the 9th of June.

After saving you have a brand new offer that is displayed on the Review Summary Page.

Modifying the Offer

When modifying the offer you are able to make changes in every aforementioned setting.

How does it look on my Review Summary Page?

We’ve made some examples that perfectly showcase how spectacularly you can display your own unique offers.

1st offer example

And all we needed to fill out was this:

2nd offer example

3rd offer example