NFC review card

Collect hundreds of new reviews on
00 platforms!

You can collect reviews with one quick tap

The Trustindex review card works with NFC technology. After the purchase, you can direct your customers with a single tap to the platform you set up, so they can easily leave a review on their phone.

00 Review Platforms:

A new way to get
30-50 new ★★★★★
ratings a day

With the Trustindex review summary NFC card, you can easily and quickly collect excellent ratings on 00 platforms!

How to collect reviews?

After your costumers purchase your service, ask them if they were satisfied with it. If so, ask them if they would leave a review about the service.

Next, all you have to do is tap the NFC card to the customer’s phone in your store, and the review page for the platform you have set up will appear.

Costumers have no choice but to write a review. Success is guaranteed this way!

Easy to use

Your card is compatible with all smartphones, no special application required!

1. Tap the card to your costumer’s phone.

2. Open the notification.

3. Your customer can write the review!

Get your own review card now!

1Purchase Your Card

Purchase your NFC card online in your Trustindex account.

2Set Up your link

Provide a link to the platform where you want to collect reviews.

3Increase your reviews

Your card will be shipped within 3 business days and you can start collecting reviews.

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Trustindex NFC review card

NFC technology is really cool, not to mention the review card’s sophisticated look.

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Trustindex’s review card works with NFC technology. Our card is the perfect way to increase your costumer reviews. All you have to do is tap NFC review card to your customer’s phone and your Trustindex review summary page will pop up so you can easily collect new reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Trustindex NFC card work?
Just tap the card to your customer’s phone and your Trustindex rreview summary page will pop up so you can easily collect new reviews.

What does the card look like?
The card has a black background with a white and blue Trustindex logo, so you can always find it when you need it after a purchase.

Is the card compatible with any phone?
Yes, the system is compatible with all Android and IOs smartphones, and you do not need to download any application to use it.

Can I order more than one card at a time?
Of course, you can order multiple cards at once if you need it.