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mathew collins
2024.07.15 2024.07.15 | Canada
This company is exactly what they say they are. This company is exactly what they say they are. Ketamine worked for me. I will surely come back.
Hollie Canfield
2024.07.11 2024.07.11 | Canada
MDMA saved my life! MDMA saved my life! Their products are affordable, safe and they really work. I began using their products four months ago and so far the results are remarkable. No more anxiety and nightmares.
shawna Miller
2024.07.08 2024.07.08 | Canada
The experience has been amazing The experience has been amazing. I have noticed positive changes since using their products. I will be ordering more.
Tony wayne
2024.07.06 2024.07.06 | Canada
Everyone was polite and helpful. Everyone was polite and helpful. I’m very happy with the company.
Mary Smith
2024.07.03 2024.07.03 | Canada
MDMA is a good company . MDMA is a good company to go with, affordable and reliable. They care and will always get things taken care of. Best partner for your mental health.
James Hovver
2024.06.26 2024.06.26 | Canada
Very grateful. Very grateful. MDMA Canada care for your mental health!
T Noi
2024.06.23 2024.06.23 | Canada
The product really worked for me. The product really worked for me. Ketamine from MDMA Canada has made a great difference in my day-to-day anxiety levels AND my ability to cope with my anxiety. The staff at MDMA is terrific - very kind and thoughtful.
Lyla Koch
2024.06.21 2024.06.21 | Canada
Their products work better. Great service. Their products worked better than anything else I've tried. Very happy with the results.
jordan Ashlin
2024.06.17 2024.06.17 | Canada
Amazing Care. The team at MDMA Canada was attentive and responsive to all my questions and needs. Their products work wonders. The Ketamine made me feel better in 6 months. I would highly recommend MDMA Canada.
lauriel Romano
2024.06.13 2024.06.13 | Canada
Nice to shop here. It’s nice to shop here. It's very affordable and fast.
Joel Rick
2024.06.11 2024.06.11 | Canada
Their products has changed my life. Their products has changed my life! Customer Service is amazing and they truly help you.
Andrew Morgan
2024.06.09 2024.06.09 | Canada
Great vendor. Great Vendor. Pure products. Delivery on time. Highly recommend.
Henry Schrader
2024.06.07 2024.06.07 | Canada
Delivered as promised. Thought I would try this out and so far so good! They have answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and I got the product delivered as promised. Easy and professional. FIVE STARS
cynthia Kulap
2024.06.04 2024.06.04 | Canada
Was depressed but know getting better thanks to MDMA Canada. I was more depressed than I realized. I heard about MDMA Canada products and thought I'd give it a try. The team is professional and responsive. I am feeling much better, and I'm so grateful !
Tim wayne
2024.06.02 2024.06.02 | Canada
Ketamine helped me through some of my toughest times. MDMA Canada Ketamine helped me through some of my toughest times. The care team has always been phenomenal, easy to talk to and very responsive. I would most certainly recommend MDMA Canada to anyone!
Kate Lyles
2024.05.31 2024.05.31 | Canada
I trusted the process. I trusted the process. All my questions were answered or explained. I was continually prompted by the team and always got an answer. Their system works.
Martin Clooney
2024.05.29 2024.05.29 | Canada
Very responsive team. Very responsive team! I have benefitted from their products. I have recommended many friends to MDMA Canada. Can’t speak more highly of this company!
Josephine R
2024.05.26 2024.05.26 | Canada
Highly recommend them I highly recommend them. I would give them a rating of 5/5. It was my first order, and I was not disappointed at all. They were so efficient in delivery, and the communication was so good.
Donell Meadows
2024.05.22 2024.05.22 | Canada
The best decision I have ever made Absolutely best decision I have ever made for my own mental health. The team is very real and super helpful. Products are affordable and the results are amazing!! Thank you MDMA Canada for all you have done!
Sandra Whittman
2024.05.20 2024.05.20 | Canada
Great customer service experience. I made a mistake when making an order. I contacted the customer services and they were able to help straight away! Great customer services experience!