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Bait And Switch Predatory Practice, AVOID!!!!!!!!!!! 1 deal I had to complete to get a 75$ mcdonald's gift card. Shows 1 deal gotta do in screenshot (I circled it in red) on their deal showcase page, says so now doesn't it? Well they kept denying I completed ''1 deal'', so I did smart thing to keep this screenshot. As well I took screenshots during and after my signup to their partner site (ipsos isay) and even showed them 2 screenshots showing step-by-step of 1 deal (ipsos isay sign-up + confirmation link click) done by me.  Now though email received by this deceptive bait-and-switch company telling me there's apparently 'levels' to get the reward, which I will reiterate no mention of on their deal showcase page (see again my 1st screenshot). By all indications this company just wants your credit card info or to sell it for profit while not giving you $'s for your time and efforts. They sellers of your data and c/c info, not to be trusted, avoid.