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2024.05.21 2024.05.21 | Canada
First Time Experience Fantastical service, products and super fast delivery 🍄🍄🍄 Will definitely be ordering from you again!
Shayna Fried
2024.05.21 2024.05.21 | Canada
10 out of 10 Will be a returning customer Great product. Fast shipping. Super easy to order!
Jeff Oster
2024.05.20 2024.05.20 | Canada
The ultimate Mushroom 🍄 store I love this store I get what I'm looking for and the Mushrooms do not disappoint. I'm a 5 gram kinda guy and wow do they hit hard. The selection and price are unbeatable. I appreciate them coming straight to my house and very descret. I do a trip a couple times a month and the unlimited supply and variety keep me coming back.
2024.05.18 2024.05.18 | Canada
Missing kittease tray however, zz-d Well I was a zoomies first timer and had ordered the kittease×2 and the entire packing and shipping was impressively fast!! ordering was also a pretty easy process, however I did order two trays, one for me and one for my roommate who did want to actally put her own order thru if everything worked out well on my end, I did reach out for a refferal number letting them know we do live together wanting to make sure there was no problem. I thought it was weird that it didn't come right to my door and I had to go pick it up ...either finding a drive there (we live in the sticks and don't have a vehicle atm and the post office is a good half hour a way by car car lol and im disabled with 8 autoimmune diseases and MS. The very day I received and opened it (you could tell nobody messed with it) so it was a surprise when only one came. I thought maybe they were short and waiting on more supply and sent them off an email. Avery (roomie) and I agreed to split the pack however before I ever got to try them I had a major seizure (,ms complications) and woke up in the hospital.,) I was on heavy-duty sedation due to the severity and frequency of the seizures for a week. By the time I got home avery had already separated each of our halves and I wad surprised we didn't receive the second yet. I can't remember if I let customer service know the day of or the day I returned and the responded very quickly, however they wanted pictures of everything. The slip inside my envelope did say kittease×2 however we have a fire place and Avery is a bear freak and used it to start a fire 🤦‍♀️ threw out the envelope and recycled the tray to both make us little bags up lol. But yes the slipbon the envelope did say ×2. However the second tray never did come which was a total bummer especially since I am on a small monthly disability budget. The product itself is very tame compared to pure and even to the nose spray but I'd try it again and the staff id very easy going and pleasant to work with. The actually answer you compared to sites in bc. They send you every single bit of information like tracking and confirmation of payment unlike other companies. Oh but they difference was no free product, like those other not so great communication bc companies give out like 3.5 free gs or more depending on your order. Zoomies truly comes across to me as a clean company, I hate we didn't have information . Order 44036

Date of experience: 14 April, 2024
2024.05.17 2024.05.17 | Canada
It’s what I expected. If it wasn’t I’d be sad. Thx guys haha

Date of experience: 14 May, 2024
2024.05.15 2024.05.15 | Canada
Integral Alchemist dmt vape Bought the dmt vape cart by Integral Alchemist and it was the most potent vape ive ever used. Do they make anything else?

Date of experience: 11 May, 2024
Shawne David
2024.05.15 2024.05.15 | Canada
Highly recommended Always on time. Never an issue. Good quality. Highly recommend Zoomies!!!
2024.05.14 2024.05.14 | Canada
Zoomies is the best! Product was excellent, shipped fast, best prices i have found anywhere.

Date of experience: 30 April, 2024
David Condon
2024.05.14 2024.05.14 | Canada
Very satisfied! Fast delivery and the product was as advertised. I will definitely be ordering again.
Blaze Gurl
2024.05.13 2024.05.13 | Canada
Zoomies review Very fast shipping and besides the taste the shrooms work great.lol

Date of experience: 11 May, 2024
2024.05.13 2024.05.13 | Canada
Tidal Wave Excellent shipping and excellent product. I only took one ounce, not called Tidal Wave for nothing.

Date of experience: 10 May, 2024
Deepak Sharma
2024.05.13 2024.05.13 | Canada
Great Selection and explanation for each edibles.
2024.05.11 2024.05.11 | Canada
Works as intended The osmosis focus fills in the gaps other supplements don't definitely helps a bit of mental mental clarity
2024.05.10 2024.05.10 | Canada
fast shipping, high quality fast shipping with extremely discreet packaging; product works exactly as described. will be ordering again

Date of experience: 08 May, 2024
Bobby G
2024.05.09 2024.05.09 | Canada
Positive feedback I have placed multiple orders. Good quality products and timely shipping. Great customer service and surprise samples.
2024.05.07 2024.05.07 | Canada
10/10 Was hesistant at first because of the low prices compared to the other retailers. I got a bag of dino eggs, a eight of lucid gates and a eight of melmac, with free shipping on my first order for 150$ everything came within a week, Dino eggs are legit dino eggs, the lucid gates 3.5 came in one dense Shroom and the melmac look fine. also threw in a free 1 gram of tidal wave as a sampler. 10/10 guys, i used to work in a mycology lab and i would definetly buy these again.
Bronwen Robinson
2024.05.07 2024.05.07 | France
10/10 experience Love Zoomies! Shipped quickly to eastern Canada in discreet packaging. Great quality products, sent me to the moon aha, there was also a free 1G sample that came with my order :) Ordering from zoomies again for sure!
2024.05.07 2024.05.07 | Canada
You’re quite good Quick to ship and receive my package. They included a freebie as well- always a lovely gesture.