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2021.06.03 2021.06.03
Amazing!!!! I have done the free trial and sure will sign up to the WAP. The WAP is clear, easy to navigate and most of all, it is straightforward no b.s - become a millionaire overnight- "Hoodini" business... The WAP is a genuine wealth action plan and a true statement to Siam kidd's work and dedication.
Helen Atkinson
Helen Atkinson
Really good course, with loads of interesting material
I am following Siam for long time on youtube. I learned a lot for forex trading , crypto investing and business. The WAP free trial is amazing content, teaching you how to start new business from A-Z.
Fantastic is all I can say, invaluable free material that siam has put together that you will find hard to Google. It's really inspired me to join the wap community and take charge of my own destiny.
Amazing content, really appreciate both the new info as well as being reminded of some stuff I already knew.
The Wap has been fundamental in my wealth growth and knowledge. This course isn’t just about quick wins, although there are plenty to be had, it’s a new lifestyle a new paradigm. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to escape the 9-5 and start forging a new path. Life isn’t all about money, but if wealth is a priority then this course should be to.
Fantastic self development program for people interested in starting and improving their financial situation and setting up their first business. Superb value for money. Thanks Siam.
First of all, please don't prejudge what the WAP is. It is not just 'build a business' like so so many others out there. This is a complete mental rewrite of your operating system if you want it to be. They are HUNDREDS of videos on financial literacy, investing, business ideas if you're stuck, marketing, growth, pitfalls to avoid (this along is worth the cost 10x) and a lot more as well as a supportive Facebook group if you choose that. Think of it in a way as a Netflix for business but always for becoming wealthy. I stumbled across the 'WAP' almost by chance, actually I don't know how it happened and this will form part of the review. I suspect it was from a Facebook ad, which is one of the things the WAP teaches - marketing. So many people have good ideas but can not market their business and so it fails. There is an entire series of marketing and it's good, really good - not some nonsense course that is out of date; it's about data and giving you the truths about what you need to do. Sounds cliché, biggest regret - not finding it sooner. I would've 5x'd my profit in 2020 if I had found it in 2019 without a shadow of a doubt and that's simply from 2 videos that I watched, and that's the beauty of it - you can binge all the videos or just watch what is of interest to you. They're all fun animated vids or Siam explaining something in a very affable way; that is to say it's explained in a manner which is don't do this but not in an arrogant way but in a caring way. If you are considering getting into business, or have a business and want to uplevel it - this is better than any 'business coach', well certainly 99% of them anyway :-) You will learn a lot - you'll be surprised at the value here; there has been a lot of effort put into this, even down to additional resources that just make planning really really easy.... Go for it. Adam.
The course is excellent and Siam practices what he teaches (from side hustle wins and fails to full business)! Craig Baker KEROFAI.COM: Aerial Data "Creative and Technical Perspective Beyond Drones" #Kerofai
Great value and source of education. Videos cover pretty much every scenario that you could think of and more. You won't learn a lot of what is taught in the WAP in School/College or elsewhere and that is what makes it such a valuable resource.
An incredible resource for any new or experienced entrepreneur who want to take their business to the next level
John Reimann (WDM)
John Reimann (WDM)
I’ve been a ‘Wapper’ for at least two years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. Whatever your situation or financial goals there is a structured approach to achieving them. There are many hours of educational videos by Siam Kidd. He has a very matter-of-fact no BS approach and a way of keeping you interested even with topics that you’d usually struggle with. His business and finance knowledge is ridiculous. Siam is happy to show and discuss his failures as well as successes which I find really useful. The private group has people from all walks of life so there’s usually someone who can help with any question you might have. If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme then this isn’t for you. If your looking for guidance on setting and achieving goals over a 5 year period then you should definitely invest your time in the WAP.