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2024.04.23 2024.04.23 | Bulgaria
Do not, i repeat, Do not ever trust this "service" ! After instructing their 'AI' — note the quotation marks — to write a basic essay within a certain length, something ChatGPT, for example, can generate within seconds, the tool kept producing single-page essays. When I contacted their support, I was advised to construct the essay myself by prompting the tool to write the introduction, the body, and the conclusion separately, then assembling and copying/pasting them into a document. LOL 1) Lack of Automation: One of the main appeals of using AI-based writing tools is their ability to streamline and automate the writing process. The need to manually instruct the tool for each section of the essay, and then assemble these sections yourself, defeats the purpose of an automated service. It introduces unnecessary steps and complexity, reducing efficiency. 2. User Experience: A good user experience in AI tools involves intuitive interactions and achieving desired outcomes with minimal hassle. This is a poor user design that complicates rather than simplifies the task. 3. Time Efficiency: AI tools are typically valued for their ability to save time. If the tool requires the same amount of manual intervention as writing an essay yourself, it does not offer any real time-saving advantage. This is particularly critical if the user is looking for quick results. 4. Quality of Service: Effective customer support should provide solutions that align with the capabilities of the tool. If the support team suggests a workaround that involves considerable effort on your part, it suggests limitations in the tool’s functionality that the developers are unable to circumvent. 5. Expectations vs. Reality: If a tool markets itself as an AI essay writer, users expect it to deliver complete essays. Additionally, I have requested a refund due to the unsatisfactory service but have yet to receive a response from their team. This lack of communication adds another layer of frustration to my experience. It's extremely disheartening to deal with a service that not only fails to meet its promised capabilities but also shows poor customer support. The inability to obtain a straightforward solution or even a timely acknowledgement of my refund request has left me feeling disregarded and unvalued as a customer. Such experiences erode trust and patience, making it unlikely that I will ever return to or recommend this service to others. The overall inefficiency, compounded by unresponsive support, paints a picture of a service that is not only ineffective but also indifferent to customer satisfaction and needs.
2024.03.07 2024.03.07 | Germany
No more Worry No more writer's block! This AI essay writer consistently delivers top-notch essays.

Date of experience: 17 November, 2023
Braylen Snider
2024.03.07 2024.03.07 | United States
Essay Prodigy This AI essay writer is like a writing prodigy. It not only understands my prompts but also crafts essays that consistently exceed my expectations. Impressive!

Date of experience: 07 March, 2024
richard boger
2023.12.02 2023.12.02 | Pakistan
writing superhero It takes my ideas and transforms them into polished essays effortlessly. My writing has never been this impressive!

Date of experience: 15 November, 2023
Evan johnson
2023.11.30 2023.11.30 | Pakistan
Customization Galore Tailor the writing style, tone, and even complexity. This tool offers a level of customization that's truly impressive.

Date of experience: 20 October, 2023
Jimmy Lemons
2023.11.29 2023.11.29 | Lithuania
Amazing experience Its user-friendly interface made it easy to navigate, and the AI essay writer significantly enhanced the quality of my final piece on such a crucial topic.

Date of experience: 28 November, 2023
Todd Foster
2023.11.28 2023.11.28 | Pakistan
Seamless Integration: Integrating this AI essay writer into my workflow was a breeze. No tech headaches, just smooth writing.

Date of experience: 02 November, 2023
Mary Webber
2023.11.27 2023.11.27 | Switzerland
Essay Excellence Achieved Achieving excellence in essays has never been so attainable. The AI essay writer consistently produces work that exceeds expectations. It's a writing companion I can't do without.
william myers
2023.11.27 2023.11.27 | United States
Incredible accuracy and speed! The AI essay writer understood my requirements perfectly and generated a superb essay in record time. So impressed!

Date of experience: 05 November, 2023