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Nupep Shrooms Reviews


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Chuck Hill
Legit, Cheap, and Quality I read some (bad) reviews after I ordered and was wondering if I was scammed. Nope. They are totally legit and what I ordered is what was delivered. You DO have to follow the payment instructions closely, best done when sober. The welcome discount is pretty amazing! The ounces are fresh and come sealed with a humidification packet. I will be back for more!
Works A friend referred me I was skeptical especially since my tracking number did not work right away, however my package arrived faster than I thought it would!
5 start for me "Wow! Je suis tellement reconnaissant d'avoir découvert cette boutique en ligne. En tant que résident du Québec, j'ai suivi toutes les instructions pour passer ma commande et effectuer le paiement, et je dois dire que cette expérience a vraiment changé ma vie. La livraison a été incroyablement rapide, et le service clientèle a été hors pair. Un immense merci à toute l'équipe pour leur professionnalisme et leur efficacité. Cette boutique en ligne a véritablement dépassé toutes mes attentes et je suis ravi de pouvoir compter sur elle. Je recommande fortement cette plateforme à tous ceux qui recherchent une expérience d'achat en ligne exceptionnelle. Merci encore pour tout!"
Scammera Not only did they steal my money but refuse to answer any emails or any other form of contact but have also blocked my ways of contact, this will be shown to my lawyer
Andrew Cayer
Order Not Complete, Refund not Issued. I have Cancelled my order. My transfer is stuck in Limbo. I have not recieved the specific confirmation Email that the admin is asking for. Nupep has not "cancelled" my transfer or issued a refund. Don't buy from retailers, buy from the products source.
Mathew lotzien
Nothing Paid with e-transfer at the beginning of the week and haven’t heard anything. Not even an update stating I paid.
Received everything that I ordered, and I was surprised how fast it arrived. Thanks a lot.
Package never arrived My first few orders went great. My last order is MIA and appears was shipped to a province I don't live in. I tried reaching customer service by email and on the website & got no response.
Long and no reply Good products for I’ve ordered before but this time it’s bad customer service. I wrote twice and never got an answer. As I’m writing, it’s been 3 days my order is apparently being processed. Never had that with any other sites.
One Frustrated Customer I do believe they are a real website and that eventually I will get my order but my funds were excepted from my account last week and my order just remains to be "in process". I have tried multiple different ways to reach someone and have has no response. I had thought I had ordered with plenty of time but now may have to place another order with a different vendor in order to get what i need in time for my birthday. This is very frustrating ad it could just be helped very simply by putting the correct phone number on their website or be having someone who would respond to chat or emails. One frustrated customer!!!!
Anthony  Holtz
Ketamine had been working wonders Amazing service, great for personal medical use, thank you . Neuroplasticity has been working wonders With my PTSD . Please remember, misuse will cause permanent damage to your body and, or death . You are not alone .
Great costomer service Great costomer service now lets just see when my order arrives 😀
TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Not only did I not receive my very first order back in December. I ordered my second order after being promised a 50 percent discount I had never received. My order came late and the delayed responses from the website continued. I ordered again on jan 24th..which gave me an email to transfer too.. which I did at approx 930pm only to receive another email at 11pm requesting me to send the payment to a different email. I contacted the site and sent screenshots of my payment being accepted on the 24th of Jan.. it is now Feb 1st..I've emailed these guys everyday now since with the last response from them being received on Jan 26th.. this is unacceptable. I've asked for either a refund or for my item to be prioritized and sent to me asap. Still no response. The phone number on site does not work. I've emailed and used the chat. They advertise that payments only take less than 24 hours to process and then advertise items typically are to be received in 3 to 5 days.. none of my orders have been received in that time. The chat even says responds immediately. Nothing is immediate and my complaints have not been rectified at all.
5 years doing business... It's been five years since I 've been doing business with theses guys. I wouldn't say that everything was perfect; there were mistakes done and repaired. Communuication was there as there seemed a will to set things straight. Not always the fastest but I'm ususally not in a big hurry as long as I see it doesn't stall for la long time. And I didn't even talk about the products and their qualities. Everything I've received was at least as good as expected. What can I add to that? Just a friendly note: If you think you're going to receive your order in three days than you better add a aweek to that estimate and everybody should be happy...
Iris Bausells
RIPPED OFF Took my money, never shipped the goods.
Best website Been ordering for a few weeks now and no complaint! The tracking is a little wonky and my reviews on website hasn’t gone through yet but overall best website for substances love you guys *crying happily*
SCAMMING!!! This was the previous order that you are sending to me ! which was delivered and done with They replied to my emails most part with vague responses no any solid answer or solution to my problem ! I emailed them almost 30 times saying I Need my order that I placed in November 21th And here it is again the screenshot of what ordered and the proof of Payment ! Prove me that this thing is not a Scam ! Thank you ,
Ethan Nolan
I received the item I ordered in a timely manner and in perfect condition.