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John Halkias
John Halkias
Working with Nanosoft Technology has been a real joy! We created Chessy together and be sure that I didn't ask for your usual app... I asked for an app that does pretty much everything.. Providing statistics, displaying pictures and playing chess! I would give chess exercises to my students, they would solve it and the app would do all the rest... Check their solutions and correct them while explaining to them the right answers and then providing me all the feedback about their strengths and weaknesses! We even installed a small tourist guide for my island in the app with tens of photos, of which I am thankful. No matter how difficult or sophisticated were my demands on each feature of the app, Nanosoft would always come back with something even better, more practical and natural to the user. I would certainly work with them again and I am even thinking assigning to them apps that I have already developed, because I trust their work to be more complete and satisfactory. I recomend Nanosoft technology wholeheartedly and I am sure you will too, after working with them!