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Aisha Ridzuan
i had the best experience with carer named Intan Farhana. while me and my husband had recently change job it is hard for us to request for EL and no WFH policy for our role. happened that my 2yo baby got chicken pox, and the carer willing to take the risk as she already had her chicken pox before, she took care of my baby in a very good way! and the best part is after my husband arrived home, we let Intan to go back early as per scheduled, and my baby cried right after Intan go back home.
Carmen Aw
Very Lousy service Im taking time to write the feedback on customer experience. Service is so lousy, this is my first times using kiddo care with their promotion package. They either no response or response to tell you wait another 2 weeks and sampai 2 weeks ask u wait another 2 weeks saying they are doing manual matching. Later another 2 weeks tell me pulak another 2 weeks. Of cos la people need babysitter baru use ur service. Update to wait without update u any progress on ur matching status.. Serious not recommended and super not professional. If you cant provide the service pls don do promotion or advertisement.
Sofia Syahira
Good Had a good experience with the carer..My baby was under a good care and able to sleep well.. well-trained..Thank you for the service!
Open house company with KC Farah The day of my first experience with kiddocare KC Farah, alhamdullillah I am satisfied with the way she takes care of my child. My son likes it and is comfortable. After this, I want to take this service again .Thank you very much ya 😊
Anith Fatihah
My 1st experience with kiddocare I booked an early morning session, my child is quite a demanding child, he had trouble sleeping with strangers. Apart all that carer izzaty and the kiddocare team delivered well. It is impressive that he is able to sleep soundly under her care. I can work at peace knowing that my child is well taken care off. I love the fact that I got constant update regarding my child too. Thank you for providing such service. You guys are God sent!!
Marie Amira
Marie Amira
Booking made by me not last minute, the carer are willing to negotiate the extra km charge for transportation. plus they update everything in the group whatsapp and the carer prepared variety of activities too. im surprised when carer noticed my birthday coming up, she guide my kids to make birthday card. thank you so much. recommended.
Kay Kay
Reliable Child Carer Had a good experience with the carer. My kids are comfortable with her. Very well-trained. Thank you for the service!
11.6 Kiddo care adylla service feedback Adylla was good and reliable person. She came very early and always make a good relationship with my kids. Thank you adylla.
Good and patience n reliable Tq so much for helped parents for find solution emergency gateway suddenly my current nanny are not available and i hve a importance meeting on that day. Tq the carers very caring n patience with my 2 boys are very ‘lasak’.
Putri Nadhirah
Putri Nadhirah
I booked for 2 days under carer named Puteri. My daughter was unwell and she took a good care of her. Thank you Kiddocare for your outstanding professional service and continue to have this quality service since it is so manageable for me and my family.
Shahira Hussin
Excellent service! Admin was fast and responsive as soon as i secured my booking. Carer Iera was pleasant and interactive with my kids which they demanded more time even after she left🥹 4 hours flew by in a jiffy! Thank you kiddocare for being a lifesaver!
Careless caretaker taking care of my premature baby My first time experience with Kiddocare or any caretaker. Couldnt trust anyone enough to take good care of my premature baby but that day i didnt have other choice due to excessive workload. -Admin was not responsive enough. -Caretaker Hadjar dropped my baby on the floor due to carelessness. Literally broke my heart.
Norsyakila Mokhtar
Great Experience My kids have a great experience with Carer Fara (KC220188). Fara know how to handle them very well. They had so much fun.
Shahida Hassan
Very Sastified With KiddoCare Services I am very sastified all time with kiddo services. All the carers are really good and meet the requirements. Good Job & Many Thanks Kiddo.
Alisa Zubir
Great first experience Coming from a stay at home mom who brings her son everywhere, today I decided to give it a try. Took 3 hours off for some me-time and totally worth it! Thanks Hazirah for taking care such dearly of my son
shereen andrew
Good service! My daughter isn’t familiar with strangers at all. The carer was very calm and patience with her. Definitely will be book again and recommend to others!
This is my first time book with kiddocare! A quick booking, supports and smooth transition for getting the carer. The experience is good, my kids enjoy through out a week session and happy with the care from carer.
My 3rd time with kiddocare. The first 2 caretakers was superb. The third one was not good. Doesnt know how to engage with my child, their job scope is to make sure my kid is fed, showered unfortunately all those was done by my sister and the caretaker just stand there not helping. Please look into KC220176 and train her again
Jocelyn Pang
Recommended! this is my 1st time trying kiddocare. Skeptical at 1st so i booked 2 separate sessions in 1 day (am, pm) with 2 different carer, Nurul Maya & Siti Mariam. They are wonderful!!
Aisya Nadia Musa
Aisya Nadia Musa
Kiddocare has been such a lifesaver! Both my husband and I mostly work from home and we often wish we could give our baby more attention during the day. While daycare is certainly an option, we weren't too comfortable sending our baby to one just yet. After hearing only good things about the babysitting service at Kiddocare, we decided to take the plunge and make a long term booking with them. And we've certainly not regretted our decision. All babysitters assigned by Kiddocare have been excellent! I want to particularly highlight two kiddocarers Syafiqah and Balqis. Syafiqah was one of the kiddocarers who took care of our baby. Syafiqah was really diligent and attentive to her. While our baby took her time to warm up, Syafiqah never lost patience and was dedicated in caring for her. Our current regular kiddocarer Balqis is just amazing! She is so attentive and passionate with working with babies and children. Each week, she would bring different toys and make unique activities and we can tell how happy our baby gets when Balqis is around. And it's so lovely to see our baby interact and laugh with Balqis, it honestly is a privilege to have her as our kiddocarer. Thank you Balqis and thank you Kiddocare! We wouldn't know what to do without you!