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WORST By far the worst experience in the history of all grow stores! From the get go, transparency, professionalism and communication were strongly lacking. My order remained in a "processing" status for 3-4 weeks of which I was provided with 3 or 4 different excuses and empty promises of receiving my order "in the next few days" of which was just another one of their stories. I eventually requested a refund after grown at home having my money for more than a month and no order to show... of which was another battle on its own, the owner low key "threatened" to pitch up at my address since it was on my order details which I cant imagine any other grow store would do... Yes.. Their prices are cheaper but that's exactly the service you pay for.. Rather save a few more bucks and make use of a reputable store
Shaun Norton
Shaun Norton
All grow equipment you could possibly want for the most reasonable prices.
Shaun Norton
Shaun Norton
Value for money