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Darryl Darwent
Excellent service at my doorstep. Ron provided excellent service at my doorstep. I had a Pixel 6A that was not connecting to my charge cord. He diagnosed the problem immediately, replaced the port, and handed my phone in fifteen minutes. 🏆 For what I paid it is a nominal amount compared to replacing the phone.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-13
Hey Darryl, glad to hear you're pleased with Ron's speedy and excellent service. Your feedback is much appreciated! Cheers!
Been using Fix Factory for a few years now, love their service and quality options! Definitely recommend.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2021-05-18
Thank you so much for your kind review!
so happy! Great experience! Fast service, same day, don’t know if I lucked out or if they’re always so efficient. Had my daughter’s extremely broken phone fixed quickly and the best part is they came to me! Will use them again for sure
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-08
Dana, we're thrilled to hear about your positive experience! We always strive for efficient service. We're always here and thank you for choosing Fix Factory.
Justin S
Justin S
Excellent customer service. I first messaged Fix Factory to see if they would be able to fix my phone and how much it would cost. I got a reply, answered all my questions and booked an appointment to fix my phone within an hour. During my appointment they were on time, friendly and knowledgeable. Fixed my phone for a reasonable price. Thank you.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-08-25
Thank you Justin for your kind review, we appreciate you choosing Fix Factory!
Blair Water
Blair Water
Never recommend
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-08-22
Unfortunately we can't find any record of a repair or interactions at all for you under this name, please contact In fact looking at your profile you seem to be in BC and yet you are reviewing Us in Calgary here, We respectfully request you to remove this review. We have not interacted with you based on your profile and our records.
Yawching David
Excellent service..but no surprise there. My previous experience with Fix Factory made it an easy decision to have them diagnose and fix any problems with an old iPhone 6xPlus that I was passing on to my young granddaughter. The battery was the problem and a little bit of knowledge shared by Ron also helped a lot. The same was with the old mini iPad which is not fixed. Thanks Ron
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-08
HI David, we appreciate your kind words. Our contractors, including Ron, takes pride in our service. We're glad we could assist you with your iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Mini. Thank you for choosing Fix Factory.
Paul Breeze
Paul Breeze
Too many emails - one per hour - give me a break!
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-06-18
Thanks so much for your awesome review Paul, we hope to earn that fifth star! Yes sometimes our system over communicates especially when we are making changes or updating your delivery times and repair order details. In this case there was quite a few updates and changes to keep you in the loop and we will definitely take your feedback and see how we can improve that process. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Fix Factory, we are always here!
Matt Walter
Amazing service! I dropped my work iPad and the screen was badly shattered. I called fix factory and they were ready to fix my ipad immediately and the best part is they came where it was the most convenient for me! I was working out of the city limits by about 30 minutes and they even offered to come get it from there! They replaced my screen in under an hour and even cleaned my iPad so it looked brand new. The tech was so pleasant and professional. A fantastic experience from start to finish! These guys have earned my business in the future!
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-08
Hey Matt, we're thrilled to hear you had such a positive experience with our service and team. Your kind feedback is greatly appreciated. We're always here!
One Happy Customer. Great service Tech was really friendly and quick to fix phone. Good prices, and they come to you to fix your phone.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-08
Thanks for choosing Fix Factory James, we really appreciate your feedback and we're always here!
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh
Awsome with low price
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-06-04
Thank you for your kind feedback, We're always here and we appreciate your business!
Jim Wiancko
Fix factory came to me to fix the phone and was cheaper than everyone else... Great service will definitely call them again when I need my phone fixed.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-08
Thanks for choosing Fix Factory Jim, we really appreciate your feedback and we're always here!
Daniel O'Laney
Daniel O'Laney
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-05-22
Thank you!
Awesome phone repair service. Fixed my phone up quickly and right at my place in his car, didn't even have to go anywhere! Highly recommend
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-05-20
Thank you for your kind review, and thank you for choosing Fix Factory!
Great service from start to finish - I loved the fact that they came to me, fixed my phone in 20-minutes with best prices and quality plus with a lifetime guarantee!!!! Doesn't get better than this, definitely recommended!
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-05-21
Thanks so much for this awesome review, we're always here and thank you for choosing fix factory!
Akintunde Williams
Horrible Customer service. Extremely poor customer service from the very first phone call. The tech i spoke to was extremely rude, dismissive and unprofessional. After i paid them via E-Transfer and I received my receipt and shipped my device to them. I got a message telling me that they had decided to arbitrarily change the terms that we had agreed to and were going to charge me $400 dollars more. All I asked them to do was replace the front glass and back glass of an S22 ultra. They did not perform any additional work beyond the scope of what was required yet they want $400 more? These people are dishonest, and this business should be avoided. I have no clue how they ended up with these other fake reviews that were positive. MY experience was bad right from my first interaction with this company.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-09-08
Your review does not correspond to the notes, video, pictures, recorded phone calls and work we have on file for you. Please contact for more details and remove this spam review. Your device was diagnosed and repaired with the parts that were available, and the items you requested repair on were subsequently completed, with the exception of the screen replacement. It was further diagnosed pre-repair saving you thousands more since we concluded that motherboard work was required, and different parts that were unavailable would cost upwards of $800 to continue this repair (in addition to your originally invoiced total). To explain the $400 charged, it includes the s-pen removal (was stuck in frame and you requested its removal), the extensive back glass removal (was a modified device), a reapplied new back cover (which required mods to fit over the back lenses), basic motherboard diagnostics/power diagnostics, plus shipping and taxes, saving you thousands in screen and motherboard repairs, and other modifications that would be fairly expensive to get this device working again. We did contact you prior to proceeding with any further work over your originally invoiced and agreed to total, and did complete the work that was previously authorized, and pre-paid. We also promptly refunded you the difference (via EMT, accepted at 12:11am today) between what was originally quoted, compared to the work that was finally invoiced once the device (being misrepresented) was received and the diagnostics and work completed. To be clear, You voluntarily sent us an email transfer and the device (when we had already made the exception to simply have you send in your device without pre-payment), after you could not verify your identity to use credit card (which was unauthorized based on our fraud flags). We simply invoiced you for work completed (which was already consented to in the org invoice) and refunded the difference from work not completed (screen) to you since it was prepaid. We did complete the work that you had originally requested less the screen replacement since the model was foreign and not what was represented to us on the phone. Given the fact the device required more extensive board repairs as well as the modified screen part being expensive, during diagnostics once the phone was finally opened, we contacted you to proceed further and gain consent to proceed further (as we were at the invoiced total currently, you said I'll just 'cut my losses' and said not to continue further as the costs were too high). With that we stopped work at this point after we contacted you via email, text and calling. We are reputable, kind, and given the fact that you sent in (via mail when you lived in an area with many local shops) a device that was misrepresented on the phone to us (will note it was an 18 minute phone call so if we were that rude you would never have continued business), we did the best we could based on our terms and your requests. You further than asked us just to send you the part which we were unable to do since your device was not the right model for the part, and based on our policies we don't sell parts only unless you are a registered business in the industry. At this point you were then asked to provide your identity through texting or emailing a picture of your valid government identification (since you were out of town), through the KYC guidelines and our policy when dealing with financial matters/refunds, and suspect foul play - you expressly denied providing this when asked for it and we explained that it was required to move forward or to continue business and transactions. Not only is your review mostly false, you've left out key elements and in the many years we've been operating have not encountered this level of customer manipulation, defamation, and potential fraud. We've done nothing wrong, in fact, quite the opposite. Govern yourself accordingly. Your review is defamatory as written!
J david Lorenz
J david Lorenz
You won't be disappointed if I could give 6 stars I would
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-05-17
Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind review, we're always here to help and thank you for choosing Fix Factory!
Mark Miskolzi
Mark Miskolzi
Would highly recommend! Customer service was a prompt and professional experience. Repair scheduling and flexibility was convenient to my busy schedule, and repair looks flawless!
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-04-27
Thanks Mark, what a great review! We appreciate your business and we're always here.
roopa dattani
roopa dattani
Very quick and easy process. Ron was prompt and professional. Would highly recommend their services.
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-04-18
Thank you for this kind and honest review, we really appreciate you choosing fix factory!
Carolyn Anctil
Carolyn Anctil
Ron is a great guy and knows but he's doing. Thank you so much for fixing my daughter's phone over and over and over again. 😉
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-04-17
Thank you Carolyn for your kind and awesome review! We appreciate your choosing fix factory and we're always here.
Lee Kempster
Lee Kempster
Came to my place an replaced the batter in my phone in about thirty minutes for what I believe is a reasonable price. What more could I really ask for?
Reply from Fix Factory Canada - Get Fixed 2023-04-13
Thank you Lee for this kind review! We're glad you had a great experience at a good price, and thank you for choosing Fix Factory.