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Pranavkumar S
2024.01.18 2024.01.18 | India
HR Executive Good company to work with.

Date of experience: 06 September, 2022
Career Growth The company actively invests in the growth of its employees, offering clear pathways for both professional development and career progression.

Date of experience: 03 February, 2022
Prasanna Gopal
2024.01.12 2024.01.12 | India

Date of experience: 05 June, 2023
High career growth opportunities Will find high career growth opportunities that pave the way for professional advancement and personal development.

Date of experience: 01 June, 2022
Overall, I feel fortunate to be a part of Elite Elevators. It's a company that values its employees, promotes a positive and collaborative culture, and provides ample opportunities for professional growth.

Date of experience: 22 December, 2023
Raj Kumar M
2023.12.21 2023.12.21 | India
Continuous Learning and Growth What I love about Elite Elevators is the focus on continuous learning. The company invests in employee development, providing opportunities for skill enhancement and staying updated with industry trends. Proud to be part of a company that values growth

Date of experience: 09 January, 2019
Madhurya Murthy
2023.12.20 2023.12.20 | India
Overall a Good company Best place to work and have freedom to implement new ideas
Shaik Abdul Ansari
2023.12.19 2023.12.19 | India
Appointment setter The working environment is so great and good learning place.

Date of experience: 11 May, 2023
best place to work
Nivedha S
2023.12.14 2023.12.14 | India
Had a smooth hiring process
krish krishna
2023.12.14 2023.12.14 | India
Freedom of work I've been with this company for four years. I've been enjoying the freedom of the work environment.
The ambiance here is always inviting and comfortable I would say that they would describe me as disciplined but friendly and supportive.

Date of experience: 07 April, 2021
Dharmaraj Ganesan
2023.12.08 2023.12.08 | Singapore
Good to place to upscale your career-line Collaborative work environment, Leadership management, Liberal, Play area for stress relief

Date of experience: 08 December, 2023
Divya Praba
2023.12.01 2023.12.01 | India
good place work with It is a perfect place to work, nice ambience
Jacquline M
2023.11.30 2023.11.30 | India
Elite elevators Amazing work culture with excellent colleagues. Elite Elevators is such a company that focuses on continuous growth and development for the company as well as the employees. Though there are some rapid changes that is happening if we believe that changes are bringing us good then its a learning we have for ourselves. I personally see this as a university where i get to learn more