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Joost van Spengler
Joost van Spengler
We have just returned from Morocco having enjoyed a 5 day adventure with Dessert Rats Tours through the Atlas Mountains. The routes, scenery and Riads, used for the overnight accommodation and evening dinners, were absolutely first class. The Dokker bikes are great, comfortable, very easy to handle and indestructible. We cruised up and down the Atlas Mountains between 1500m and 2800m. The tour also included a lunch with a local family and a visit to a local school. What a great way to see this beautiful part of Morocco and experience the local culture. Everything was brilliantly organised and above all we felt extremely safe and well cared for. A big thank you to Martine, John and Su.
Rory Morgan
Rory Morgan
If you are looking for an authentic Moroccan experience, this could be the one Majestic views of the Atlas mountains, crossing river beds through beautiful gorges towering over you, passing through traditional clay Berber villages , waving at a local farmer with his donkey, who given the chance will have a full conversation with you in Arabic (even though he knows you can’t speak a word however just happy to talk to you) or even a spontaneous swim in a beautiful river sourced straight from the Atlas Mountains to the cheers of the locals as you float down. It is a rich Moroccan experience and a complete change to your daily life. There is something more real and authentic doing it on a motorbike. The bikes, well if you are looking for speed, power and all the bells and whistles of a modern bike the Docker Apollo is not it, it has a 50-cc engine. It is the vehicle of choice for the farmers, reliable and fits the pace of the countryside, slow and steady. They are great fun and easy to ride. If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a Docker and a motorbike license is not required for 50 cc bikes in Morocco, so you can bring family and friends. We stayed at very nice Riads, one overlooking a forested valley, which I loved, great vibe, very clean, great tagines, and there’s nothing better than finishing the day around the pool with a glass of wine. One of the other Riads was in a traditional Berber village. I got up early in the morning and walked into the local village, coffee in hand, sat on a rock and took in the local vibes, donkeys braying , farmers off to their lands , all with the backdrop of clay homes and majestic mountain views. It fed the soul The service is great, back up vehicle, professional staff with serious creditability (I am a repeat customer) well thought out routes which you can track on your phone. You worry for nothing, everything is set up professionally, you arrive, ride, and enjoy Morocco. I had a great time, took in so much over a short period of time. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a genuine Morocco experience, couples or even those looking to share an experience with their family that will have the talking about it for years to come Background of rider: I am a very average skilled rider and depending on the tour I could be classified as below average ?. I own a Classic BMW, Ducati Desert Sled and done multiple Motorbike tours of varying skill levels (Morocco, South Africa, Myanmar, Thailand, and Nepal)